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Paul Marbrook Photography So here we are in the Roaring Twenties! It's going to be a fantastic decade I'm certain, all I have are +ve vibes for the Two Twenties. I do love a good wedding. By good I don't mean that it was totally fancy pants or that you spent 3 grand on flowers. I mean that it's the wedding you wanted it to be. You chose the small bits and the bigger bits and these add up to your perfect version of your wedding day.

Over and above the bits are the most important element of a good wedding and that my friends are the people. Yes, the people that matter to you both, the family, the friends, the loved and cherished ones. That's the ultimate recipe for a great wedding and it's all down to your taste. Love is touching souls. My photography has been described as authentic, emotive, unique and artistic.

I don't overthink my style, it's simply what comes out when I'm photographing. There is no convenient pigeonhole term such as documentary or reportage to my style. I love you to make your own interpretation of my work.

I HAVE MY OWN GROWING CHILDREN and I have no doubt that whilst they grow up with very different experiences to my own they will also treasure these years in the same way as I do mine. One thing we have in common is that we can refer back to the photographs from the period evoking an extremely powerful recollection of the days gone by. My dad was an

I sold my Canon 35mm 1.5 LTM! I'm not sure why, maybe I needed the money but I sold it rather cheaply. I've bought and sold many a lens over the years but this one remained my only regret. When i look back over the images I shot with the lens I realised it has a certain something that none of my other lenses can deliver. Even the Nippon Kogaku 35mm

I WOULD NEVER HAVE GUESSED years back that I would now be an Anglesey wedding photographer. I've been lucky enough to visit the island of Anglesey since I was a young child. As a family we spent many a fortnights holiday on the island, mostly staying near to beaches such as Dulas with its smooth pebbles and racks of dry seaweed stranded at the point

Unlimited coverage from bridal preparations through to the first dance through to the dance floor mayhem. High resolution (450+) professionally edited images delivered for download on a private online gallery with print ordering for friends and family. It's a well known fact to those that know that the band's finale (and encore if you're lucky!) is

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