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Kat Hannon Photography Kat Hannon Photography is a creative photographer based in Chester and Manchester, photographing for Marketing and PR agencies, Commercial brands, Designer Labels and more. She works in the fashion industry with established designer brands and bespoke design companies; Kat is also highly accomplished in product photography, producing images that capture the brand or company she is working with.

She also shoots music events for bands & artists, as well as dabbling in architecture & interior design and business photography. Kat is a published photographer working with publications across the UK; she shoots and writes editorials and is a regular contributor to The Cheshire Magazine. Kat strives to produce high quality photographs that are authentic to the brand, individual or creative group she is working alongside.

So, if you are looking for a photographer, Kat travels across the UK to clients and studio shoots in Manchester, London, Liverpool, Glasgow, and wherever the shoot is needed.

read more › Kat is an established creative photographer who specialises in marketing, advertising, and PR. Her work can be seen on bill boards, social media, magazine covers and editorials. Kat's clients range from fashion labels and designers, to well-known wellbeing and nutrition businesses. Kat has a wide range of skills in product, lifestyle, fashion and beauty photography, but her speciality lies in the commercial realm of the creative advertising sector; Kat has worked for a number of big brands, producing high quality product photographs that always capture the brand's personality.

read more › Kat Hannon is a fashion & beauty photographer who is renowned for her skill and vision in the fashion photography realm; Although she is based in Chester, Kat is willing to travel all over the UK to suit the needs and desires of her clients. Kat captures the perfect images that reflect your brand, character, and personality; she is an expert at producing high quality images that convey sophistication, style and luxury for every fashion and beauty brand. As well as having done some boudoir photography, Kat has also worked with make up and skincare brands to capture visuals that exude elegance and style.

read more › Kat Hannon specialises in lifestyle and wellbeing photography in Chester, Manchester, Liverpool & the North West. Having worked on a range of projects, Kat captures the essence of your brand's character and personality. Linked to her commercial work, Kat works with a broad range of companies that create health and wellbeing products such as vitamin drinks; she aims to capture the fun, adventurous side of every company, using her photography skills to bring life creative concepts. Portraiture is another area of expertise for Kat, capturing faces and places in a professional, yet personal style.

read more › Kat Hannon specialises in Art and Design photography with a focus on architecture and interiors, as well as other design-based projects. Kat aims to capture the beauty and creativity of every design, from interiors & architecture, to artwork and sculpture. Kat has an incredible eye for detail and is able to create art from anything. Kat is based in Chester, but she is dedicated to travelling around the UK to deliver inspiring images for her clients. Check out her portfolio below to bask in the magnificence of her work.

read more › Kat Hannon is a professional and creative photographer who works in portrait, lifestyle, fashion, beauty and headshot photography, with her speciality being in commercial photography. Having made a name for herself as a photographer in the North West of England, Kat hopes to expand her reach across the UK, offering stunning images for a variety of companies, clients and brands. Kat's work has often been displayed in well-known magazines such as The Cheshire Magazine, demonstrating the luxury quality of her work; Kat brings her creative approach and positive energy to every project, so that she captures the true essence of your brand.

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