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Lizzy Biggs Photography When we work together, I like to keep it engaging, fun and flowing. Firstly we will chat and laugh and chat lots more (I do like to chat!) while you tell me about your artistic vision - what it is you desire to capture in your portrait. Who knows you may even want to send me a mood board / Pinterest collection of your inspiration! Next we will meet either on location or in the studio, I'll bring my camera, and we will make the vision reality.

Whether you want to capture the essence of your love for your family, inject your sense of humour into the portraits, or bring your personality to life with colour and props - we will explore and develop your ideas into something visually amazing. The result: our combined effort to take your vision and turn it into reality creating stunning works of art you will be proud to show off in your home or beautiful books depicting your story - I know even now I still love to flick through mum's photo albums.

If you don't want to be pigeonholed by someone else's perspective of you, or find your portrait fixed in another person's beautiful but flat and unrealistic vision of you, then you will want a photographer who is passionate about helping you to make the very photographs you desire to create your own high quality portrait artwork that will make your visitors go WOW when they walk in the room and perhaps start a lively conversation.

read more › Lizzy is an experienced photographer and Artist based in Chester (UK), who Loves to Create Photographic Artwork. How are you doing during the lockdown? I mean it - how are you and your family ACTUALLY doing? Talking with a lot of friends and clients who are parents I know the struggle is real. Are you running out of activities? Is home-schooling loses its shine? Is filling days with new and interesting activities beginning to feel like a whole second job? I want to serve you but let me first show you where this all started.

read more › Excellent copy, some great reviews and social proof go a long way but 65% of us are visual learners, so words alone will not convert as highly. Plus, the right image increases evidence (therefore trust) and breaks up large chunks of text. All this can happen when we take the time to invest in ourselves, our business and our brand. Presenting a consistent, trustworthy image happens on a subconscious level and it doesn't just happen through our words and the testimonials of others, but our visual presentation through branding, text choices and pictures, which all evidence our capability!

read more › With stunning opportunities for backdrops like crashing coastal waves, winter woodlands, wonderful ruins, and rolling hills we are spoilt for choice in the North West. Outdoor locations provide not only to create something quite unique, but also some wonderful lighting options from soft early morning mist, to the golden light of sunset, and fill in flash to make you stand out against the dark night sky. Photoshoots with a collection of beautiful wall art to make you go WOW! everyday, albums that you will never want to stop showing off or prints to share with those special people in your life start from 297 and premium collections start at 747.

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