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I have been in love with photography all my life and when my daughter was born my passion took off. As I became more interested, being a man, I obviously needed more equipment to make me a 'better photographer'. How wrong could I be. Having the best canvas and paint brushes does not make me an artist. I soon realised there are only two things that matter in photography; the eye and the finger.

If you can't 'see' the image or know when to press the shutter you won't get the shot. My style is based on the fact that I have never come across anyone who hates having their photograph taken more than me. But believe it or not this attitude helped shape my approach to photographing people. I want to photograph them when they are relaxed and I can't do that if I constantly pose them and stick a lens in their faces.

All I would get is someone with that look in their eyes which screams "please hurry up and take the picture; I'd rather be anywhere else". I direct people into natural positions and have never asked anyone to "smile".

read more › Lifestyle photography is a record of who you are and what you like to do rather than a photograph of someone posing with a car, motorbike, horse, boat etc. Owning a motor bike isn't like owning a car. You become one with a bike. People don't often drive a car for pleasure, a bike is different. They are bought with the heart rather than the head as with a car. No consideration is given to how many kids you can get in the back or will you be able to get those units from Ikea in the boot. I don't believe a photograph of you and your bike should be a boring "Look at me with my new bike" shot.

read more › To ride one is a privilege and a pleasure. To own one requires commitment like no other animal. Each one is unique and like children they have their own personalities. That's what we feel should be captured. The relationship between rider and horse rather than simply taking a photograph of someone holding the reins of a pet.

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