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Inside Out Photography (IOP) are multi-award winning commercial photographers with over Forty-Three years professional experience. Based in Buxton and Manchester serving North-West, Midlands, UK wide and occasionally mainland Europe. Your website or promotional material has a few precious seconds to grab attention and stop people browsing further.

High-quality images can capture the essence of your company and help your business to stand out against your competitors. In addition to photography IOP also offer digital finishing and old photograph restoration. NB: Some sectors such as Aerial and Panoramic can be found under the same Specialist page.

read more › Inside Out Photography (IOP) was founded in 1991 by commercial photographer Bernard O'Sullivan. Thirty years and fifty five plus professional awards later, IOP is still providing award winning commercial, industrial and architectural photography to a wide range of clients both famous and large such as Manchester United FC and more modest but equally important clients. I was first seriously smitten with the photography bug in the early 1970s' while I was still at school. Later in my early teens, I joined a local camera club near to my parent's home in Manchester.

read more › In this increasingly visual age most businesses need to promote their products or services, and well-targeted bespoke photography is key to ensuring your business stands out against your many competitors. So whether you need images of your workforce, premises, products or industrial-production, trust IOP to expertly blend light, colour and creative angles, to promote your business to it's full potential. Whether what you produce is destined for retail or industrial use, quality product photography will showcase your products ensure that you stand out from the competition.

read more › In this visual age, bespoke commercial photography is key to ensuring your business stands out against your many competitors. With over Forty-Three years working in the profession, there are frankly very few visual challenges that Bernard O'Sullivan of IOP has not encountered and successfully captured many times over. For over Three decades Inside Out Photography (IOP) have worked for a wide variety of UK & EU clients delivering bespoke commercial, industrial and architectural photography solutions, including specialist light-painting photography, and elevated High-View system.

read more › The only alternative to 'Taking your project with you to a meeting', is to try capture its essence, ingenuity and quality as effectively as possible and present it visually. Bernard O'Sullivan founder of IOP has a long standing genuine interest in architecture and has been working alongside architects for over Forty-Three Years and knows a little about your passion for your work and using imagination and technology to capture your project at its best. Have a look at our specialist elevated camera platform High-View photography service.

read more › Industry is hugely diverse, from pharmaceuticals to aerospace, involving photography of machines the size of six terrace houses, to precision miniature engineering requiring specialist macro camera equipment and lighting, and in a variety of finishes from highly-polished chrome to bright pink! Clients often tell us that what they produce "Will not make an exciting image", we beg to differ, let IOP show you how our photography can help you to stand out from your competitors.

read more › Crucially, well-targeted visual PR is about celebrating the people who make your business what it is. These 'breathing-assets' are the lifeblood of your business, the individuals that manufacture, sell, serve and deliver in your name! The truth is; that most people prefer to work with people they like and get on with, successful PR photography is about portraying your colleagues in the most positive, professional, approachable and friendly way possible. IOP combine creativity with a friendly relaxed approach to ensure your staff and your enterprise are portrayed in the very best light.

read more › IOP has many years of experience providing images for tourism and inward investment projects of heritage site, museums local industries, leisure and catering sector. Regeneration IOP concentrate on those visual elements that best convey the core aims of your project, promoting new emerging sectors whilst acknowledging regional industrial heritage. Tourism photography is closely allied to regeneration requires a more personal emotive visual approach, capturing all that is welcoming and positive in your area.

read more › As in life, so in photography, there are some subjects that without doubt call for specialist experience combined and associated equipment. Whether it's aerial, Light-Painting, elevated-viewpoint, panoramic photography or advanced architectural or product digital finishing Inside Out Photography (IOP), has that experience! Aerial images offered for sale by 'cold callers' are often enlarged sections of much wider views taken using a 'blanket-bombing approach, regardless of the optimum sun position for any particular building.

read more › The Proof is in the Publishing! Images destined for use in exhibition display panels or glossy brochures, require a slightly different technical and creative approach to those destined for use in trade magazines and websites. Before embarking on any shoot, we always take into consideration where and how the images are to be primarily used and, who they are intended for. This enables us to fine-tune our approach to enhance the end project. Inside Out Photography would like to thank the following clients for their kind permission to use page grabs from their publicity material.

read more › Whatever your occupation might be, after a long day most of us will want to go home and leave their job behind them, however some jobs lean towards the obsessive side! Overall, I love my job and as a photographer it's near impossible to 'switch-off-the-eye', you are always, observing, taking scenes in, and mentally taking pictures with the naked eye. Bernard O'Sullivan Founder of IOP.

read more › In recent recession-hit years the number of people offering photography training courses has increased significantly, some being run by individuals with minimal professional knowledge. So whether you simply want to get more out of your holiday photos or are considering a career change and earn money with your camera, make sure that the advice you are getting and paying for, is sound, and based on serious professional experience. Bernard O'Sullivan ABIPP, has been a full-time professional photographer for approximately Forty-years, specialising in commercial, architectural, product and industrial photography, winning over fifty-five major professional photography awards plus 50 smaller awards.

read more › For Twenty-Eight years, Inside Out Photography's (IOP) only location was in Chorlton, Manchester and Bernard O'Sullivan owner of IOP spent a sizeable amount of time travelling out of Manchester to other locations, providing professional photography services all over the UK and very occasionally Europe. In 2013 IOP added a second office based in Tideswell near Buxton, and in 2018 this was co-joined with the adjacent property in Tideswell, we still maintain a Manchester address primary for Google Map purposes, and as a drop-off point for image restoration work.

read more › Hopefully if we have done our job right, you will have liked what you have seen so far, and might want to get in touch! We are genuinely grateful to receive enquiries and pride ourselves on confirming/responding within 24 hours, however as we all know, email systems sometimes do go wrong. If you do not get a reply within 24 hours - PLEASE, PLEASE DO CONTACT US DIRECTLY either by text or telephone. We look forward to hearing from you! Please Note: Fields marked * are required - All other fields are optional but are appreciated.

read more › Inside Out Photography were a very good choice for our job requirement. They were very easy to deal with and professional throughout. Bernard took instructions easily and got on with the job with minimal interaction. He provided photos that had good lighting and detail in a range of formats to allow for flexibility of usage at our end. Bernard worked with us to understand and help us with our brief. We were impressed by his use of lighting to create sunny pictures on a cloudy day. Bernard came to us at Lewis Bros Ice Cream with the task of producing high-resolution photographs to be used as contra-vision on our newly-built ice cream vans.

read more › Whether you are young, or not quite so young, most of us have pictures in our possession either from our own youth, or of previous generations that we understandably connect with, and are dear to us, these images are also important from a social history perspective. However many of these images seldom see the light of day, often languishing unseen in drawers because they are heavily faded, discoloured, damaged or even torn with bits missing. IOP can breath new life into these deeply personal and historically precious images, revealing hidden details and restoring them to their former glory, preserving childhood memories or moments in history that will put a smile on your face and inform generations that follow.

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