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If you're like us then you're looking for an experienced photographer who will blend in at your wedding and capture natural moments - creating stunning photos without dragging you away from your guests for hours or putting you in awkward poses. I want to help you enjoy your wedding so you can take it in and then relive it through your photos. It isn't just about shots of the two of you, it's about capturing the relationships you have with your families and friends on a day when emotions run high.

While I'm doing this I also make you look the best you can because, as my wife told me, no one wants unflattering photos. I've been shooting weddings for 11 years so I use all my experience to ensure that I catch all the great moments without getting in the way. Smiles, laughter, tears, hugs, kisses - these are things I'm looking for and I've become an expert at knowing when these things will happen.

My background is in television and this has enabled me to build a wedding video team, you can check out their work on the Video page.

I'm John, a Northern lad that lives in Manchester photographing weddings and I've been doing it since 2009. My friends call me Johnboy and with there being 40,000 John Wilsons in the UK (including my Dad, I'm actually John Wilson the third ha!) I decided to go with my nickname for my photography so feel free to call me John or Johnboy, I respond to

Our wedding films really let you relive your wedding day and see the parts of the wedding that you may have missed on the day. It's an old clich that your wedding day goes by so fast and it's true, I got married in 2019 and it flew by. We were so happy we had a film of our day to relive it and hopefully show our kids one day. Maybe even their kids too

Picked them up last Saturday and we were in floods of tears watching the DVD, its amazing. Everything was perfect and we both loved seeing each others process of getting ready. There are so many shots we want printed or made into massive canvas's. We cant thank you enough for all the hard work and effort you put in for us especially with the veil sunset

No, my name is John. In fact I'm John Wilson III after my dad and grandad are called John too and I've also got 4 cousins called John. My family couldn't have though of a different name! Jeez! My friends call me Johnboy, feel free to call me John or Johnboy, I respond to both! Every wedding is different and it mainly depends on the amount of time you

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