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It's quite challenging to think of something to write about myself which will make me stand out. I'm not quirky or off-the-wall, I'm not loud or outrageous, and I don't need to be the centre of attention - I will easily blend into your wedding day so that all attention is focused on you, where it belongs! I adore my two little boys, they're bundles
How did I become a newborn photographer? This is the part where I am supposed to write about when I first picked up a camera, but then you wouldn't really be finding out about me now would you! Of course, I love photography, and of course, I love babies and children, doing this 'job' that should be a given, but me, the real Emma, what can I tell you
Photography has always been a passion of mine. From a very young age I have always had a love of taking pictures, capturing those moments that I can look back on and remember those fab times with friends and family. My first camera was when I was 5yrs old. It was from a cereal box that I had to save up the tokens for. I use something more advanced nowadays
More Than Images is run by Sophie & Christian and has been making people and pets look good since 2001. In that time we have gained a reputation as an exciting and vibrant portrait studio in Oxfordshire, making us the place to come if you're looking for beautiful, fresh images. Our small team of professional photographers and digital re-touchers are
I am a professional freelance photographer based near Oxford, within easy reach of London. I am fortunate enough to have been commissioned by private and commercial clients, on projects all over the world, covering many different genres of photography. I feel that it is the range of skills acquired during these projects, that has given me a unique perspective
With the vast array of photographic knowledge waiting for you to view online, your first thought might be to avoid using a professional for your family images. After all, photography tips are everywhere, cameras are cheap and you can keep checking your display until you get it looking good, correct? Here are some good reasons why you might consider
I've been working as a photographer for over 20 years, and remember the days of film photography and splashing around in tanks of developer. Twenty two years ago I left art college and started assisting photographer Mark Mason in his Oxford studio. Fifteen years later Mark and I started MMStudios offering commercial photography services, and after many
Would you like to change your experience of being photographed? Imagine having fun and going away with that warm buzzy feeling of just feeling good about being yourself. I truly believe EVERYONE can be photographed to look how they feel inside; the real genuine you. I don't know how to explain it and even how I do it, but I just see when it appears
If I were to sum up exactly what I do. I'd say I photograph ordinary people in their happy place, be it on their wedding day or hanging out at home with their family. We got married and had a mega family wedding and I can tell you, it really was the best bloody day ever! It's the only time that you have everyone who is close to your heart, all in one
I am fortunate, I have spent my whole life pursuing my passion. Not many people can say that even at the age of 12 they were already engaged with an activity that would be their life's interest but also their profession. In the last 20 years I have seen my business as a photographer change and mutate in ways I might never have thought possible. The
An adventurer, an artist, a people watcher and a storyteller. I love to observe the little moments to create authentic and beautiful images of your wedding day. I thrive on being present and immersing myself in the love, happiness and joy of your celebrations. I delight in the unconventional and eccentric. Colourful weddings with a dash of the alternative