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Andrew Collier Photography I was born in 1962, in Wigan, Lancashire, but my family is from Leigh in Lancashire and in my early years we lived in the hamlet of Kenyon (now Croft) between Leigh and Warrington. Being the youngest of three children (by 15 years) I had lots of attention from my older brother and sister and my brother gave me my first camera!

I went away to school, firstly in Anglesey and then in Shropshire, where my interest in photography grew and I wanted to be a fashion photographer, but the careers teacher didn't think it was a proper job.I started work as a junior in a Manchester design and advertising agency and stayed in that industry for 24 years. However, things have a habit of working out and by chance I started taking pictures for my clients.

This led to me training as a portrait photographer, with weddings following. The result - my teenage ambition was about to be realised and Andrew Collier Photography was born! I still can't believe it, after a bit of a delay I'm doing the one thing I always wanted to do.

read more › The bond between a dog and its owner is the strongest of bonds. The constant love our dogs give to us is a magical thing which is difficult to describe but is a delight to capture. I never set out to be a dog photographer, it just happened as a natural extension of doing lifestyle family portrait photographs and being asked if I could take photographs of the family dog while I was there. For nearly ten years I've been photographing dog portraits too, so I want to showcase some of my dog photography.

read more › Andrew is a breath of fresh air, as a family we have experienced numerous portrait photographers over the last decade but not one has found the route to getting the real photos of our family, until we met Andrew. With every family portrait session I have one single, overriding goal; to capture the essence of the people I photograph. My clients are often amazed by how fabulous they and their families look in their photographs, and how I've captured people's characters. As a family photographer I've built up a reputation for doing this and my secret is simple: take time to get to know the people I'm photographing, let the session develop at a relaxed pace and above all, make it fun!

read more › You don't know when you'll get this chance again to get everyone together either. What a fantastic idea, getting a professional in to record your fabulous event. You can have the reportage style of photography to record the fun of the celebration and then you can have those upbeat family pictures you've been after for ages too! I think first it's really important for you, as the party planner, and I to get together have a chat over coffee about the occasion and decide what kind of images you and your family would like to have out of it.

read more › Helen and I were a little apprehensive having never ventured into the world of 'having our portraits done'. It was just great. We really liked your enthusiasm and the whole shoot itself both inside and out, informal and formal was just a breeze and a whole lot of fun. You made the beautiful woman I married look just super fab. Sometimes it's really nice to have some lovely pictures of just the two of you. It's easy to forget how much you mean to each other when you're so busy getting on with life.

read more › Capturing the bond between horse and owner and that special relationship is what makes my photographs stand out. It's what makes them fabulous, unique, yet affordable artworks in my clients' homes. I was asked to do my first equine portrait session in the Spring of 2010. I was surprised by the results and the client was absolutely delighted. Since then my equine portraits have really caught on and I've been doing horse portraits throughout Cheshire, Lancashire, Manchester and Merseyside. I love observing the connection and chemistry between horse and owner and capturing that relationship in my photographs.

read more › A great photographer for business portraits, weddings and, for that matter, any other event. Without a doubt he is the best portrait photographer I have ever seen! The pictures above are proof! It's a fact - we all prefer to deal with people we can relate to. It makes sense to have business portraits that let your personality shine through and to visually demonstrate who you are. Professional but informal business portraits make an instant impact and will make your business immediately stand out from the crowd.

read more › Andrew Collier Photography is much more than just me. You could say I'm just the guy with the cameras, and you'd be right. I have a fantastic team helping me deliver the best possible portrait and wedding photography we can. Josie- Josie's my wife and best friend. She also does our social media and helps with networking and all sorts of stuff that makes our little business tick along smoothly. Jude- Jude is my PA and runs our diaries and bookings, making sure that I am in the right place at the right time.

read more › We work closely with lots of people and we're happy to recommend them. Wherever possible our friends in business are small businesses and sole traders like us and are local to us, and who, like us, put the emphasis on quality and service in everything they do. Please tell them where you found out about them. For photographers looking at this site, thanks for dropping by. We have some useful contacts for you too. If you like what we do and you want to speak to our suppliers please feel free to contact them but please do tell them where you found out about them.

read more › The shoot's been done, the images chosen and worked on, together we've looked at how to best display those images. Will it be a beautifully presented photograph in a personally designed statement frame, a traditional canvas or a really funky acrylic, or a contemporary boxframe? Would you like a selection of images in one of our gorgeous lifestyle albums? The choice can be even more daunting than choosing the pictures. By the time we get to choosing frames or thinking about albums we've got to know each other pretty well and I have an insight into your lifestyle and personal taste.

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