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Picturesq A large amount of our work is family photography, be it for family events, portraits, photographing children and family generations. A family portrait is a fantastic treasure of that moment in time. Picturesq understands the meaning of family and how a photo shoot can represent your family at that time for many years to come. We help capture family moments that are silly, candid, unique and posed.

We are also animal friendly, so why not invite the family pet? Family, personal and pet photography is mainly studio-based here in Latchford, Warrington, although we will consider commissions at local area venues such as Walton Gardens, Lymm, Grappenhall, Culcheth Linear Park, Dunham Massey and Tatton Park to name a few, as well as customers' own private gardens.

Here at Picturesq we offer Quality Custom Framing to showcase your art and preserve your memories. Whether you're framing something for the first time or an experienced designer, our dedicated team will work with you to realise your framing vision.

read more › Whether it's a photograph, painting, certificate, memorabilia, tapestry, shirt, mirrors, posters, medals or something even more unique, we can frame it. Our experienced team have tackled the most challenging framing projects such as an RAF flight suit, a crystal wedding bouquet. Our demo table will help you find the perfect match for your piece with a vast choice of frames and mounts to suit all budgets.

read more › If you are a DIY framer we can offer mount cutting, moulding supplying all sorts of framing materials. Our Specialised equipment means that we can offer individual services that traditional framers would often turn away because they are too intricate or time consuming. Our Valiani computerised mount cutter can cut precise multi window, multi layered mounts to suit your specific project.

read more › Make the most of your newly framed artwork and invite friends/ family or even potential customers to come and see what you're all about. Our brand new gallery space is bright and welcoming, perfect for exhibitions and small get-togethers. We can help connect you with local artists and potential customers if you are looking to bring your art to market.

read more › Our workshop boasts the latest equipment to make sure your project is created with the precision and professionalism it deserves. Frames are pneumatically joined to increase strength and improve angle accuracy. Our robotic mount cutter can size mounts perfectly, adding multiple apertures and depths, making your project unique. And our vacuum press flattens your work, ironing out any creases or bends.

read more › We use suppliers from across Europe to bring you the latest fashion in frame design and house a huge range of examples that suit every taste and budget. All the frames we offer have physical examples so you can try them out next to your artwork. We pride ourselves on our range, from classic black to ornamental gold, traditional wood, modern metal and much more, we have the perfect style of frame to fit with your own personal tastes, preferences, and budget where reasonably possible.

read more › A mount board creates a window around the picture. It gives a sense of space and leads your eye towards the art. It's also a creative way to accent colours and add depth. Mount boards also have an important function; they help keep your work away from the glass. If a picture is against the glass for too long, moisture can build up and cause your picture to stick to the glass. We stock hundreds of mounts featuring a huge choice of colours, sizes and thickness'. Whilst they may be a little bit more expensive we are happy to say our mount boards acid/chlorine free and offer excellent archival qualities.

read more › Glazing artwork acts as a barrier between your art and the atmosphere. Without some form of protection, over time conditions such as moisture, fingerprints and even sunlight can be a threat to the condition of your artwork. This is why protecting valuable artwork with the appropriate style of glass is so important. Here at Picturesq we offer a range of different glass to suit all needs and budgets. Our glass can enhance vibrancy of colours and reduce reflection and glare.

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