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Helen Bartlett Family Photography In London I offer timeless, black and white family photography to capture, celebrate and remember the natural moments of your lives. Combining storytelling images with beautiful portraits, together we will record memories that you and your children will cherish. Whether you have a tiny newborn, smiley baby, exuberant toddler or talented teenager, when everyone is enjoying themselves the pictures will speak for themselves.

The result is beautifully artistic family photographs that capture the personalities and passions of your children. By telling your story now, your children will be able to look back at a family photograph in twenty years' time and smile. If they pick up the phone to share a memory with you or their siblings, then I've done my job well. My work is for you and for them.

Natural images taken in the comfort of your own home. Relax and enjoy your new arrival while we work carefully around your baby to create beautiful images. A fun morning spent capturing the moments that matter to your family, either at home or your favourite park, woodland or beach.

Whatever your child's age, I tailor your photoshoot around you as a family: the things you enjoy, how you laugh and how you love. As no two families are the same so every photoshoot is different. We spend a morning together having fun. We can work at your home, creating Lego masterpieces or enjoying the garden, or travel to one of your family's favourite

Curled-up, sleepy and beautiful, your tiny baby will spend their first few weeks getting to know a whole new world. These are days to treasure. They'll pass in a flash: before you know it, they'll be smiling, sitting up and taking their first wobbly steps. My newborn photography records these precious early moments in a way that's unique to your family

Your baby's first year will fly by. Before you know it, they'll be sitting in front of their birthday cake, smiling for the camera. Capturing the first twelve months with the help of a professional baby photographer gives you unique keepsakes of this very special time. Book a single baby photography session and focus on one precious age or choose regular

Natural, relaxed pictures of your children that capture their unique personalities and provide a lasting reminder of their childhood. I look for and photograph the big moments: a child's leap into their parent's arms to be thrown up in the air, the pleasure at a goal scored, a kiss given and received. And I also seek out the little moments: the questioning

Capture your family's London adventures on camera and you'll have stunning black and white pictures to enjoy once you're back home. I know this amazing city inside-out: I've worked as a family photographer in London since 2003 and have lived here my whole life. I've photographed children of all ages in every kind of location and can work closely with

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