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Studio One Photography Check out the Commercial Galleries to view the broad range of projects we have been involved in. The Galleries demonstrate our creativity and experience. Give your audience a whole new perspective from above with amazing aerial images, photographs and videos to make you stand high above your competition. Time lapse photography is one of the techniques which can really bring any project to life!

Whether it's the progress of a building site you want. Corporate Videos are a very effective way to promote your company's profile, your products and services. Remember a video paints more than a thousand words.

read more › The Why part of it is very simple. We love meeting people and have a fantastic job where we get to be creative photographing or filming how things are made, visit great locations and find out why people do what they do. It isn't just a job to us, our passion is providing customers with strong creative imagery and working with them to help project who they are and what their business is about. Always had a passion for photography right from the word go and eventually that passion spread over into video too.

read more › When you travel to any job you have to be well prepared particularly if you are travelling long distances to work for a customer. The main stumbling block when photographing a building is "The Weather". Also knowing which way North and South is and the orientation of the building is always helps so that you can plan what time of day to turn up to site. You don't want to be arriving to find a project backlit with no sunlight on it unless you need a silhouette! Architectural work takes us all over the UK and Ireland.

read more › Whether clients have Team Building events or Award Ceremonies we can provide both video and photography. It's all about being able to capture the action and atmosphere of an event along with the important images of a presentation or award. We are completely at home working in any venue and don't have to worry if the venue is too dark. This can be to our advantage as it generally helps to set the theme of the venue and gives more creative imagery.

read more › It's important to get your "headshot" or profile picture right as this is your introduction to potential new customers but also existing customers. Photos are quite often taken on the spur of the moment by a colleague, but this can work against if they don't make you look professional. These images are not only used on company websites but also used on most social media platforms. With a little bit of extra planning and thought our experience will give you profile photos that makes you look professional and also tell a bit more of a story about what you do.

read more › When out on site it's really important to have a good knowledge of Health & Safety and we use a competent H&S partner to check our Risk Assessments & Method Statements which we follow whilst out on site. Also, we have gained great H&S knowledge working with companies such as JCB, CAT UK, Bentley Motors, Aggregate Industries and Veolia. The sites we visit can be very busy with machinery, building materials, structures being built and many more hazards, so we are very aware of the dangers these sites pose.

read more › Attention to detail is second to none whether it's a car we are photographing or a can of oil. Whether you need a simple pack shot or a full-size room set, we have the facilities to undertake virtually any job. Set building is also another string to our bow and enables us to offer a more bespoke service. With access to a 12000 sq. This is particularly useful if a client has a large amount of product or very large and heavy items that need photographing.

read more › Drone footage really does add a different dynamic to any video or still shot. From getting that showcase cinema shot to an overview of a site, they have transformed the way we view the world. But as well as knowing how to fly the drone you also have to know how to get that amazing footage and the endless possibilities. Once again Health & Safety and flight planning comes first when operating a drone and also making sure you are flying legally. We hold a UK license (PfCO) which is approved by the CAA each year and we are fully insured.

read more › Long term time lapse are projects where our cameras are on site for more than 3 months and in some cases for longer than 12 months. The camera systems can capture many images per day and over a long period of time build together a complete documented video from ground clearance to completion of any site. Short term time lapse can range from just a few hours or days to a matter of weeks and are great to show the set up of events or machinery. We use time lapse to also help enhance other video footage that we film.

read more › One of our main USPs is the fact that we aren't just photographers. We can shoot video and photography for the same project which is a massive advantage for clients as they don't have to set up their sites or factories twice. Using all of the latest camera's, gimbals and drones we can also get some amazing results.

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