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I'm Carina the owner and award winning photographer at Carina Crolla photography based in Urmston, Manchester. I've been working as a portrait photographer for over 10 years and specialising in more recent years with newborn babies and children's portraiture.

I have been earned dozens of awards with the two leading photography societies in the country (The guild and the SWPP) and I was thrilled to come 2nd Place at the annual 20x16 print competition at the SWPP awards ceremony in 2018 and received merits for another two images, I was also awarded image of the year 2 finalist in 2018 with the Guild of Photographers.Photographs and wall art will never be thrown away, donated to a charity shop or lose value over time, they are an investment well spent.

I explain to families how valuable portraits of your little ones are. Pause a moment in your babies, child's or families life than with beautiful professional photographs. I find photographing babies and children really rewarding, I mean, who can resist chubby cheeks, tiny toes, bags of character and smiles that melt your heart.

read more › What better way to celebrate your babies very first birthday than with a cake smash and splash photoshoot. Your baby can have their very own birthday cake to do with as they please, smash it, bash it, eat it, lick it or all of the above. We then capture the water and bubble splash afterwards. But this isn't all. Unlike many other photographers offering this service, I also include a handful of standard portraits and non messy birthday themed images at the beginning so there's lots of variety to choose from and not just cake-smash images.

read more › I can guarantee you most parents will have lots of images of their children but I bet not many get an opportunity of having a lovely family photo as either mum or dad is always the one behind the camera taking the photos on their phone. Family photoshoots are the most special of all. A moment in time where the whole family get together, whether with young children or older children that have flown the nest. These are the images you will value the most in years to come. A beautifully posed, professionally lit, happy family portrait.

read more › Pregnancy can be filled with many mixed emotions. Tiredness, excitement, nervousness, happiness. As we near towards the end of pregnant many women are wishing the time away in anticipation of meeting their new little family member. But not long after the baby has arrived many women miss their bumps and being pregnant. Many of us don't take the time to appreciate how beautiful their new adapting bodies are. Growing a new little human is an amazing and precious time in a new mums life - so embrace it.

read more › Like wedding photography, newborn photography is a luxury. Sure, you can capture your brand new little person on your camera phone whenever you like, but if you want beautiful, creative, images with the wow factor that you can cherish and show proudly on your wall for years to come then a professional newborn photoshoot is for you. Bookings can be made from as early as your 20 week scan but where possible try not to book any later than 36 weeks pregnant as a booking this close to your due date cannot be guaranteed.

read more › Sitter photoshoots are perfect for those who missed out on a newborn photoshoot or perhaps you already had newborn portraits taken but want some updated milestone images where they can sit up by themselves. Between 6 and 9 months they are full of character and smiles but still too young for crawling or walking. Between 6 and 9 months they are full of character and smiles. All babies develop at different rates but it is highly recommended that your baby can sit up steady by themselves to get the most of from your sitter session.

read more › Do you want a beautiful portrait of your child or children that has a classic arty feel to it. My fine art portraits is suitable for older children aged 6 upwards who can follow direction well. In keeping with period art work, the focus is on the subject and not on character or personality so minimal smiling is required (this can actually work in favour of children who struggle to smile naturally on cue) Fine art images are timeless special portraits. Depending on the styling and colours of the image, some can be edited to look like an actual painting.

read more › Don't need a full package? Would you just like a couple of images for some updated images? Perhaps its for someone that doesn't fit the other categories like grandparents, teenagers, friends, graduation portraits. Maybe you would like to purchase this as a gift for someone? If the answer is yes then a mini session is for you. Mini sessions are up to 30 minutes long and are taken on 1 neutral backdrop of your choice. The best 3 images from your photoshoot are selected by the photographer and are available usually within 2 weeks.

read more › A truly timeless fine art wall piece. Our archival pro canvas is first hand stretched around our exhibition pro bars then set into the custom made deep frame to create a floating effect. The canvas bars and deep wooden frame moulding are constructed by craftsmen ensuring this is a heavyweight product made to impress.

read more › Using a combination of specially selected materials and our skilled craftsmen, our HD Acrylics are truely unique and designed to bring out the best colour rendition & sharpness possible. Bonded using the finest UK made fine art adhesive your images are fully UV protected & sealed to last a lifetime. The HD Acrylic is the premier product on the market and has become one of our best selling ranges. Printed using the finest 12 colour technology and with our specially selected premium grade materials.

read more › The Birch Sphere is a circular alternative to our stunning Birch Blocks offering something a little different from the norm. These are precision cut and beautifully finished by master craftsmen. The natural edge pattern of the 18mm thick Birch Sphere provides a clean, natural finish to the product that suits countless different styles of photography and the treated wood finish on the back of the block makes this a stunning product. A mounted Fujicolor Crystal Archive C-Type Print which is then heat sealed with crystal laminate onto the Birch Sphere to protect against scratching, moisture and UV fading.

read more › Anyone can take a photo, right? Well yes but would you pay for someone who has very little knowledge or experience to build you an extension on your house or fix your car because it was cheap or convenient? I've been photographing babies and children for over 10 years and cared for them in a private day nursery setting for a period of time so have extensive experience and knowledge on newborn safety, settling techniques, how to pose newborns and babies, the use of props and accessories, and I use photoshop to fix any blemishes or imperfections afterwards.

read more › Went in a little late as my baby was born early and still managed to book us in which I was very pleased about. Carina is amazing! We haven't even been to view our finished images yet but I just know they are going to be beautiful! She is super friendly & easy to talk with, she did a amazing job at soothing my baby to sleep and keeping her settled throughout the shoot so that she could get the perfect pictures of her. The props, backgrounds and little headbands were just beautiful. I took my newborn to Carina for a shoot hoping that she would be able to capture a few pictures for us however what we came away with has blown my mind!

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