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Doug Jackson Photography Now working as a freelance Sheffield photographer, I started my career as a press photographer for the Yorkshire Regional Newspapers group, working for the Whitby Gazette and Scarborough Evening news. After gaining NCTJ qualifications I worked for numerous newspaper publications, including the Northern Echo and Darlington & Stockton Times owned by the Newsquest group.

Doug Jackson Photography was established in 2007, and working from my Sheffield base, I have had assignments in helicopters, in the deepest mine in Europe. Whilst working as a press photographer I trained as a video journalist. I realised there were times when video content could be more advantageous than still images; although requiring a similar skill set to capture.

With the ease of on-line publication many companies now see movies as a necessary tool rather than a marketing luxury. Telling the story of your business or project is no longer just about strong images and text but increasingly depends on a more comprehensive narrative.

read more › Since 2007, I have been a PR and Events Photographer and coming from an editorial/press background, I have plenty of experience. Working as a PR photographer, I usually receive a brief from the client. A good concise brief can make a commission more straight forward and ensure one is focusing only on what the client requires and not superfluous information. The world of marketing and public relations covers all aspects of business and non-business sectors. Clients as varied as Saatchi & Saatchi, Macmillan Cancer Care, the RNLI and Grosvenor Casino mean you will never know what the next commission will bring.

read more › Working as a commercial photographer in Yorkshire I am commissioned when client require fresh images. These might be for a new brand, product, process, facility or a re-brand and refresh. Its always important when shooting businesses to be aware of where the images are going to be used. A billboard has very different considerations than a mobile phone app. When shooting on a commission, I generate a large number of images that may add to, or even start, an image library. This could include headshots of staff, a meeting, process, manufacturing, logistics, building exteriors/interiors, office and design location, highlight a service, communal areas, it can be a huge list.

read more › If you are looking for Headshots and portraits photographer then you have come to the right place. Often people think that a headshot or portrait should be static formal affair, but that is not always the case. Certain sectors of business require a variety of photographs of different images and tones; naturally, every client requires a unique portfolio. Typically, when shooting portraits, once a good location has been sourced (or an appropriate background set-up) I tend to take more time to get full a series of headshots, upper body shots, and full-length images.

read more › It is fortunate to be a product photographer in Yorkshire with so many diverse and interesting businesses in the region. Most of the product shoots I do tend to require me moving the studio to the client, although I do have a small studio where clients occasionally send me products. A lot of my clients often need a quick turn-round with product photography. Normally I Shoot for brochures and catalogues, routinely working to tight deadlines. Some of the products I photograph are straightforward to shoot.

read more › My work as a Freelance Corporate Photographer differs from other aspects of photography, as it tends to be more about the people and practice rather than products or process. This includes senior management photography, portraits of staff and also the production of generic images for a company that could even include exteriors of office and reception areas. It is often a lot less costly than clients think to get some really good quality images of their staff. Sheffield based JSP commissioned me to do an hours shoot at their base.

read more › When I first became a freelance Industrial and Rail Infrastructure Photographer some of my first clients that regularly commissioned me were from the industrial and construction sectors. It was great to be involved with large infrastructure projects documenting progress and providing the clients with strong marketing images. I have been working in the rail sector for over ten years working with Volker Rail and Babcock Rail. In the North of England I provided comprehensive coverage of the TT2 project for Volker Wessels (The Tyne's second road bridge between Newcastle and Gateshead) from ground break to final commissioning.

read more › Being a Process and Manufacturing Photographer can often be rather demanding but also interesting. Whether it's the house-sized ovens that treat huge metal components at Sheffield based Special steels Ltd. or a dog food factory in Yorkshire, there is always something new. Admittedly McLaren's Technology centre in Woking is very different to a meat processing facility in Stoke-on-Trent, but many of the challenges that you face can be the same. What does the client want highlighting? What does the client want hiding?

read more › My work as a Construction Photographer is extremely interesting, allowing me to see many industrial projects behind the scenes. For example, maintaining the rail infrastructure of this country. Shutdowns happen at weekends and overnight so when a new gantry or signal is lifted into place very few people, apart form the workforce, will witness it. There is a myriad of specific railway machines that operate around the country lifting, building, digging, flattening the rails that most people would never see.

read more › Doug Jackson Photography is regularly commissioned by news agencies to shoot features and portraits. Working as a Freelance Editorial and Press Photographer I cover not only Yorkshire but the whole of the North. I have been shooting editorial photography since 1999, starting my career as a press photographer. Editorial photography tends to be photography that will accompany publications for articles, news and features. Thirty years ago that would have been newspapers and magazines exclusively, although it is now predominately online media.

read more › I love working as a museum and heritage photographer but even when working as a staff photographer for a newspaper I would regularly cover stories about new exhibitions at museums and country houses or recent finds at archaeological digs. Growing up in the historically rich town of Whitby I have always been an enthusiastic scholar of history and understand the value of museums, heritage and tourism. I remember as a press photographer the thrill of going behind the scenes at a museum to photograph a new find or exhibit and be allowed to carefully handle Roman jewellery, an ancient Illuminated book and even the solid gold Newark Torc.

read more › As a Yorkshire based Fashion Editorial Photographer I have worked closely with Northern Based publications shooting Fashion Editorials. From Lingerie to Barbour coats to conceptual college fashion. I love to work with the whole styling team coordinating the looks with hair and make-up and finding ways to make that mesh with the locations. Working in unusual environments and shoot locations can pose its own set of challenges too. Lighting can often be an issue and when you have a day to shoot 20 or 30 different looks you have to work quickly and accurately.

read more › Working as a Freelance Features Photographer in Yorkshire means I get to meet interesting people. Feature photography tends to involve more than just a simple portrait and requires the photographer to work a bit harder and capture more of the subject. Often there is a requirement for more diversity and in many ways it can be similar to shooting a case study. I think there are elements of environmental photography that will always fascinate me. There are lots of things to consider, such as how to use your surroundings; for instance people's homes or workplaces to add interest to a photograph or using props to tell the story.

read more › Working as a Archtectural Photographer in Sheffield I often get commissioned when a project has been completed and before the client has moved in. This is when it looks pristine and is yet to be filled with the stuff that humans inevitably bring with them. As well as being commissioned by architects to photograph their projects I often get asked to photograph housing developments, care homes, health centres, retail outlets and hotels. Whether its care homes or a new housing scheme that has been completed, all these projects need excellent photography to showcase the work at its best.

read more › I have been photographing interiors since I became a photographer. Many people often assume that it must be one of the simpler areas of photography, but as any professional will attest, it can have its challenges. Light level varies dramatically, from a dark room to a bright window and often what a human being perceives with the naked eye is very different to the way our brain processes the image. The job of a professional interiors photographer is not only replicate our human experience of that environment but also enhance and present it in a way that adds interest and appeal.

read more › As a Buildings and Projects Photographer I often get commissioned to photograph specific facilities, buildings as well as whole cities. Recently I was commissioned to travel to ten cities in the North of England and photograph each one for a publication - Northern Powerhouse. As a freelance photographer it is common to work with a brief, in this case the brief was pretty open. I decided, as the lead time was rather long, to only shoot when the weather was good. The key to these kinds of commissions is research, just turning up and expecting to find an attractive building and views to photograph is unrealistic.

read more › There is always the temptation to get someone in the office with an iPhone to do videos but quite frankly, if it's done badly, it can devalue the look and feel of not only your website but your brand. When my clients have decided to go down the road of commissioning a professional videographer, they are not only delighted with the result but surprised at the minimal cost and the lack of disruption. It is also possible to create several different versions of the same film to maximise use and effectiveness.

read more › Turkish Baths in Harrogate - PR Shoot Recently the famous Turkish Baths in Harrogate re-opened and I was asked to pop along for some PR photography to accompany the press. Photography for Airbnb's and Holiday Homes in Yorkshire Airbnb and Holiday Cottage Photography is what draws customers to your business. This is because in choosing the accommodation, we select on. Commercial Photography in Rotherham - Bisley Workwear Choosing a commercial photographer is always a risk for a new client. I was delighted when recently asked to shoot some last-minute commercial.

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