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Timm Cleasby Photography Timm Cleasby Photography is a team of passionate photographers with a creative edge and a unique view point. We're based in Smithfield Studios and we cover all aspects of commercial and business photography including PR, Fashion, Advertising, Events, Music and Aerial Photography. Please take a look around at our portfolios and slideshows of our work and get in touch if you'd like to discuss working with us.

This is the about me bit and the journey I've had to get me here working with awesome folks like you. It all started in my late teens in 91. I was stuck on the dole after a few awkward life choices and wanted to do some training to get me out of where I was. I'd always imagined my self doing something creative but it was music up to that point. It was

Every business or commercial enterprise has unique photography needs from creating brochures and web content to documenting process and photographing staff. We have over ten years experience at working with businesses all over the UK to create images that work for them. I take time to understand what your requirements are, work with you on the brief

I ensure I add my creativity to every shoot in composition, lighting, viewpoint, colours and subjects. I love when I can work on creative projects or shoots. The concepts, planning and execution all get my creative flow moving and working with people and companies who have a vision is super exciting. Making sure we are on the same page / wavelength

Some projects need something a little different in the way they are photographed. Using UAVs (Drones) means I can get a unique viewpoint from above and create stunning images and dramatic cinematic video footage that will wow and impress your clients and customers. CAA Approved and fully insured I can offer legal and compliant aerial photography services

My take on event photography is about documentation, making sure the event lives on after the last spectator or participant has long gone home. A legacy of your hard work and evidence that the event was a success. I take great pride in capturing the full flavour of the event and not just the action, giving you the whole picture. I take time to understand

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