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As humans naturally we react and perform in some way when a camera is pointed at us. Kapture photography aims to portray a subject at at their best, but with as much true character as possible. In a natural and relaxed environment I work with as little direction as possible to create naturally beautiful portraits of your children, family or friends.

Timing is crucial to Kapturing that one moment, especially with children. Where possible I step back and let natural beauty happen, often Kapturing our best shots when the subject has completely let go of themself. These incidental moments are priceless and should be treasured and enjoyed forever.

read more › Kapture Photography is excited to be offering brand new headshot packages for actors, in collaboration with makeup artist Rebecca Hampson. Rebecca is a trained actor so knows the business and requirements for actors' headshots. Kayleigh brings 10 years of portrait photography experience. We shoot predominantly outside but offer a fully mobile service to enable a relaxed and natural environment while shooting. We have a range of packages available whether you're just graduating or further along in your career-there's something for everyone:.

read more › Your wedding is a very special occasion, it is important that your photographs have that personal touch, recording and presenting your day in the best way possible for you. Whether you want pull out all the stops or to take a more modest, economical approach, we can cater for you. You may wish to only have your ceremony photographed, the whole day from start to finish, or somewhere in the middle. However much or little you require, one of our packages will be pefect for you. We will photograph the ceremony, including the arrival of guests, and departure of the bridal car.

read more › Having a child is a special and precious moment that you will always remember. Let us help to create and Kapture memories for you to cherish and keep forever. Our personal photo sessions, in the comfort of your own home will provide a calm and relaxing experience for you and your little ones. Don't miss out, contact us and book one of our.

read more › Kapture the beauty of your special day. We believe the most successful way to record a true representation of your day, is to discretely record the natural special moments that happen. With as little direction and moving people around as possible, we do our best to quietly Kapture all the little moments-from the beauty of the bride, to the decor and even the little ones playing in the corner!. Wedding s are precious and very personal. It is important that everything is to your preference, even the photographs.

read more › The morning excitement, unseen to most, provides many special and tender moments that should never be fogotten. Finally preparing for the your big day with some of your favorite people, creating memories to cherish forever. Natural and beautiful moments of the blushing bride and her bridesmaids are Kaptured discreetley as they unfold.

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