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For a Maternity Photographer London is the best place to have a studio. There are so many young couples who have great taste and style. My clients understand the importance of creating a record of their growing family, and they are looking for a family photographer or maternity photographer that not only gives them that record but creates tasteful and elegant portraiture that you'll be proud to put on your walls.

Of course the best thing about maternity photography is that I get to shoot the newborn and children after the bump! If you are looking for a family photographer London is lucky enough to have some stunning parklands and that is what I recommend to my clients for their Children's photo shoots. I have over 15 years experience being a family and maternity photographer in London and have specialised in this field because of the very personal nature of the work.

I thoroughly enjoy meeting inspiring and stylish parents and their children, building a relationship that lasts for years and giving them beautiful and thoughtful portraits that will stand the test of time.

read more › For some shoots I will do either studio or location/home shoots (only pregnancy photo shoots are exclusively taken in the studio in West London). If you are not sure what type you would prefer please do ask for advice. Susan has done an incredible job with my maternity photos. She is uniquely talented and is able to create real pieces of art. We could not resist and did a newborn photo shoot with her as well and ordered albums for both sessions. We are so grateful she immortalised those two special family moments.

read more › I am a highly experienced London pregnancy photographer with my aim to create elegant, creative and refined maternity portraits, nothing cheesy, but careful posing and lighting to create gorgeous portraits. Studio maternity shoots are taken in my West London studio and are as individual as you are. We will chat about your preferred style at the start of your session so that you get the best images possible. Recently awarded Master Photographer status for my pregnancy and child portraiture I would love to give you an amazing experience.

read more › If you are after a truly magical experience giving you a stunning set of high fashion maternity portraits that no one else will have, the parachute dress is perfect for you. The dress has been hand made exclusively for my me by the amazing Alice Andrews Design over in the US. I have admired her dresses for years and so commissioned a piece by her this winter. If you have seen the style of outdoor portraits I do you'll understand the need for a dress that would blend with nature and not clash, which is why I have gone for the colour I have.

read more › I have beeen wanting to make more of my outdoor maternity shoots for a while now as I just love the colours and compositions you can get when outdoors but the maternity shoot is something I generally do in the studio. So when I descovered Alice Andrews Design and did a further search for maternity shoots using parachute dresses I was thrilled to see that as far as I am aware there is no one doing these shoots currently. There are plenty of outdoor maternity photographers who are brilliant at what they do but rather than use the same dresses, I wanted to stand out with something really special.

read more › Given the very nature of a newborn, the best and smallest time for a newborn shoot is any time upto 6 weeks of age although they are at their smallest at around 5-10 days. They grow quickly and start to straighten out, so the longer you leave it the less able to curl them up in the foetal position they become. Take a look at my baby photo shoot information page for more on your newborn shoot. There are many opportunities in the first year that are good for photographing babies, not just newborn, so if you've missed that time, don't worry, it's always a good time.

read more › With Baby Photography London is awash with the highly posed, what I would call twee, newborn portraits that seem to be more about the props than about the newborns. You'll be pleased to hear I'm not going to subject you to hours of contorting your newborn into all sorts of unnatural positions. I class myself as a far more natural newborn and baby photographer. Susan did an excellent job photographing our newborn. She has a lovely down to earth demeanor, and conducted the shoot from our flat - all of which kept my husband, our new baby, and me at ease.

read more › My West London studio is a lovely open and relaxed room at my home in Ealing. It is a home rather than a sterile studio space and as such tends to put people at ease straight away. There is parking on the road outside and we are only 2 mins walk from the Piccadilly line tube station Northfields. I provide a beautiful selection of materials to use in the shoot as well as dresses, skirts, shirts and drapes so you really don't need to bring any clothing. It is advisable to bring with you black, nude and white pants and if you have one a strapless nude bra.

read more › For a Family Photographer London is my awash with amazing locations for photo shoots. I want to create beautiful, tasteful and creative portraiture and by doing an outdoor photo shoot you allow children to be relaxed and unrestrained which leads to gorgeous natural images. They are only little (and cute!) for a short period of time, capture it now with some discerning portraiture and your memories will be preserved long after they have grown up. Wow, what can I say?! Your album is simply stunning, thank you so so much.

read more › I strongly believe that I can get the best images of children by being outdoors. Children naturally want to play and explore and don't want to be restricted or confined. All of the photo shoot locations in London are worth considering but the ones I have listed here are those I feel have enough variety of settings and interesting backdrops to make them stand out as great photo shoot locations for kids. My studio business is based in Ealing West London, and generally I am happy to travel upto an hour to a good photo shoot location.

read more › For family photo shoots Kew Gardens in West London has to be my favourite location with children. Pros - It is beautifully kept all year round, there are no dogs and no litter, there are loads of different set ups really close together so we don't have to walk for ages to get a new backdrop, and there's really nice coffee at the end of it all! What more could you ask for. Cons - It is expensive to enter (currently 16.40 ish per adult, and kids older than 3 are 3.50) and on hot days in the summer it can be hard to find parking.

read more › Pros - it's free to get in although they have recently introduced parking charges (1 for 1 hr), it has a great selection of different backdrops to choose from including woodland, bridges, long path vistas, steps and to top it all it has a fantastic cafe! Cons - It is worth considering that this is one of the best places for dog walking around and although I have never had any issues with dogs whilst doing a family photo shoot, if you have a problem with dogs then it may be worth finding a different location.

read more › For family photo shoots Chelsea 's Holland Park is a beautifully kept park in Kensington spread across 54 acres of what used to be the grounds of Cope Castle, a large Jacobean mansion hidden in the woods. I have done many great shoots here with families based in Notting Hill and Kensington and Chelsea. Pros - It's free to go in and has some really lovely wild areas of natural growth woodland to explore. It is particularly good for little people as there are lots of low fences for them to hold onto.

read more › For a family photo shoot Hampstead Heath in the North of the city is another stunning and huge park land with fabulous woodland and wild areas to explore. A really well kept area of natural beauty. Pros - A fantastic area to explore with young children as there are gorgeous little pathways with small wooden fences leading off from the main paths making it feel like you're exploring the inner depths of a secret forest. Really beautiful old trees and great views over the city from the top. Pretty good Coffee too!

read more › For Family Photo Shoots Kensington is very well placed. Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens in Central London covers 350 acres and is home to a number of famous landmarks including the Serpentine Lake, Speakers' Corner and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain. It is huge and therefore I usually pick a certain corner to work in so that we don't have to walk too far. Pros - Very easy to get to, this park has a huge expanse of open area to play in which is free, lots of different environments to explore and great cafes.

read more › For a family photo shoot Regents Park designed by John Nash, covers 395 acres and includes Queen Mary's Gardens which features more than 30,000 roses of 400 varieties, as well as the gloriously restored William Andrews Nestfield's Avenue Gardens. Centrally located this is great for visiting families to the city as well as those living in Paddington, Marlybone, St John's Wood etc. Pros - This is a free park to enter. The part of this park I usually use for family shoots is the central circle which encompasses Queen Mary's Gardens, meeting at the The Garden Cafe (Coffee ok here, snacks pretty good though).

read more › The utterly timeless fine art Children's photo shoots I do in the studio are quite different to the outdoor family photo shoot. Here we concentrate on more serious images, we want to see the sensitive and thoughtful side to your child, so they are quieter and more introspective. Consequently children need to be at least 5 years old in order to be able to keep still and calm for short periods at least. I am truly blown away by the photographs that Susan shot of my children. I can't stop looking at them.

read more › Pregnancy clients, newborn babies and fine art sessions all take place at the West London photo studio which is in Ealing, W5. The Studio is in my home in a large open extension with great northern light coming through large glass doors. The usual studio strobe set ups and backdrops fit into a relaxed living area which I am told will immediately put you at your ease. It is, after all, a home. The studio has 3 main backdrop colours that I work with regularly and that I feel are the most elegant.

read more › I believe that it is part of our job as parents to create a visual record of our journey through family life. To give children a sense of belonging and of being loved and cherished right from when they are in the womb. It is my job to give you those visual heirlooms in the most beautiful, creative and poignant way I can. My images need to stand the test of time and when your children are grown up and having kids of their own, they will want to show these images to their own children and be proud.

read more › New Online Tutorials Available if you're stuck at home during the Corona Viruts affair. Use this time to learn new skills in editing, lighting, posing, anything you feel you need a hand with. If you're a parent wanting to take amazing shots of your children, a student wanting hands on experience with a working portrait photographer or a pro wanting to hone your skills in the studio or better use natural light and editing to sell your images, or to buy a gift for someone who loves photography. I have 15 years of experience in the family photography business and no-one knows light better than I do.

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