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redManhattan Photography Hi, my name is Andy Beeson-Brackstone, and I am an artist, photographer & videographer based in Dorset, UK. I value photographs above anything else in the world for the extraordinary role that they play in providing us with fond memories to look back on. If you ended up relocating to the other side of the world, your favourite photographs would most likely travel with you above anything else.

Whether a photo is a nostalgic old school photograph, a cheesy family portrait, your favourite selfie with your best friend on a special occasion, or one of those ghastly images that makes you wince in recoil, every single one of these photos leaves lasting footprints in our lives. And through these photographs, we can relive each moment again and again, remembering how we felt and who was involved.

This is why I am so passionate about photography, and why I think that photography is one of the most valuable things in the world. First and foremost, I am a creative photographer and I love capturing beautiful, sometimes quirky images using natural light, composition, and emotion.

Photography to dancers, dance companies, local dance education provisions and regional dance charities. Clients include the Arts University Bournemouth and Pavilion Dance South West. Photography for local arts provision and charities to help promote facilities, classes and events. Clients have included Hampshire Cultural Trust, Forest Arts and Arts

We like to break from the current and common practice of just offering a USB. We include a professionally designed and printed photo album in every package we offer, which increases in size according to the timeframe that we attend your wedding celebration. Perfect to have on show on your coffee table! Our style is very much a blend of reportage with

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