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Vivacious Mel Photography If you hate being photographed or photographs of yourself, you are my favourite type of client. Really? Genuinely, it's my personal mission to replace those ick images in your head with images that show the beauty I see in you. And then you'll see for yourself how beautifully you CAN be photographed! I love capturing an atmosphere. Your guests enjoying themselves, I listen out for the lift in someone's voice, for the punchline reaction.

Be it a new product launch, a science fair, a charity fundraiser, a networking group, an awards ceremony; every photo has the vivacious stamp of animated joy. I relish meeting the truly inspirational people with diverse businesses and entrepreneurships. I LOVE how much fun we can have with crafting your own personal brand images for your website. I am my change is a motivational photography program to help you break free from the yo yo cycle.

It's about capturing you creating your alternative future where you commit to being active, because you made a different decision.

read more › Would you like to change your experience of being photographed? Imagine having fun and going away with that warm buzzy feeling of just feeling good about being yourself. I truly believe EVERYONE can be photographed to look how they feel inside; the real genuine you. I don't know how to explain it and even how I do it, but I just see when it appears on your face. And I love hearing your huge relief when you can see it too, in your photographs. The relief that you look much better than your feared!

read more › I relish meeting the truly inspirational people behind diverse businesses and entrepreneurship and I LOVE how much fun we can have with crafting your own personal brand images. Because potential clients are more likely to contact you, when they can identify with you!. So, give me a call, tell me who you are and why you love what you're doing and together we can craft your brand images.

read more › As a photographer, I give advice to people on lighting, backgrounds and camera positioning so you can personally connect and maintain your professional image. There are simple solutions to common lighting issues and I can advise you on 'what looks good for you on camera'. The camera can be masterfully tricked to light your face up, if you wear the right colours for you. It's utterly crucial now for you to be nurturing the best virtual relationships with your precious clients and isolating colleagues.

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