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Richard Jarmy Photography I have a passion for making people laugh and strive to inject a fun element into everything I do. I've been lucky enough to work with so many absolutely fantastic people in some of the most beautiful venues. Click to view all those I've had the pleasure to visit and work with. No situation ever phased Richard as he went looking for the perfect shot for us, rain was just another prop.

Along with how well our own shots went with Richard he was also a massive hit will all the guests, many of which had great thing to say about him to myself and Jade, Richard kept people smiling all day long. I won't bang on about how amazing Richard's photos are as you can see that for yourself and yes they are pretty incredible. But what I will bang on about is how important it is to pick the right photographer to capture your Wedding day!

From the second I opened the door to Richard and saw his beaming smile and bubbly personality I instantly knew he was going to be the one for us! Richard is just the BEST!

I'm Richard, a professional photographer based in the awesome City of Norwich in Norfolk with my wonderful family, Christina & Jude. Although I'm a wedding photographer, my background is in entertaining and I love nothing more than to put a smile on peoples faces!. I used to work as an entertainer on a holiday camp for the over 60's, closely followed

Weddings are priceless and so when I'm photographer at any wedding, the way I work is a reportage style. I tell the story from start to finish and capturing that magic as it unfolds. I aim to be discreet and capture the natural smiles, laughs and tears of joy and happiness. Plus I'll also get in on the action close up as and when it is needed. Nothing

There could've been so so many moments I wanted to put here, but you would be here all day looking at them all, so I've put a small selection of photos from selected parts of the day for you to have a look through and get a feel for how I can capture it all. Obviously every wedding is different, which is why I love what I do, but I aim to focus on capturing

After chatting to many couples of the last couple of years, it has become apparent that wedding albums have been making a huge comeback. I only used to do albums so to show couples the quality of the photos that I took, but more and more asked how they could get an album as part of their package also. So, I got in touch with a few album suppliers and

One of the lovliest things about being a photographer, is that it is a team effort and to make a wedding day, a party or props and to find locations, it's wonderful to be able to work with some amazing people! This is a list of some of those people and suppliers I have been fortunate enough to work with. Attentive service, creative ideas and absolutely

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