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Fairytales Photography Your photographer's approach and personality really matter. Just think: if you choose me (and I hope you do!), we will spend a big chunk of your wedding day together, so it's important that we click and can make each other laugh! Having a fun time is inextricably linked to those coveted, un-posed 'photos. I will capture your wedding in all its glory, as it naturally happens.

While you enjoy the big moments, I will of course be snapping away - but I'll also be capturing everything in-between. I promise there will be laughing and no awkward 'say cheese' moments. We will, quite frankly, have 'rerr terr'! I've literally been to 'hunners' of weddings and I've created some helpful resources on the blog to help you to make decisions and ensure that your photography is as you want it to be.

I Love meeting and being around people - and hearing their stories makes me happy. Human connection is very important to me; I enjoy building trust and helping people to relax and just be their awesome selves in front of the camera. The result is happy, joyful photos! I really do. I get to spend time at some of life's happiest occasions, where there

If you're looking for a professional who's friendly, fun and will beautifully capture all of the special moments during your big day, I could be the wedding photographer for you! I'm going to be upfront about something: when you're choosing a photographer, delve further than their back catalogue. Remember: you're going to be with your photographer all

A wedding photography package is kinda like getting a chippie; sometimes you just want a wee bag of chips, other times you want a full fish supper! For me, it's a total honour to even be considered as the person responsible for documenting this super-important day in your lives, so thank you! Here are the packages I offer - but please do shout if you

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