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Boy In The Corner Photography Our story began back in the days when photographic film was exposed and developed in a dark room, and founder Allan Rutherford became interested in taking photos as a hobby. That one-man hobby is now a thriving business with three full-time expert photographers and helpful backroom staff. We have moved with rapidly changing times and embraced today's incredible explosion in high quality digital photography and filming.

Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to capture the world around us with a crystal clear clarity never before possible. We use the very latest photography equipment and technology from miniature cameras to drones that can fly hundreds of feet above a scene. We have our own huge dedicated studio in the centre of Clydebank just a few miles from Glasgow.

Despite the increasing complexity of digital photography and filming we have never lost sight of our core values or our roots and where we came from. Our aim is not to impress with expensive looking equipment, but to find ever more interesting ways to capture the inherent beauty of people and the world around us.

read more › Boy In The Corner Photography and Film started life in 2013 as an outlet for founder Allan Rutherford's photography hobby. Over the years this has grown to a fully fledged company with a professional management team and a compliment of three videographers, four photographers, and administrative editing and support staff. We occupy what is probably Scotland's largest indoor photographic studio set in the heart of Clydebank. Indeed, our building is so big we have been known to practice flying our camera drones inside for fun.

read more › Yes it's true. We will video your wedding ceremony and livestream it as it happens to anywhere in the world for FREE when you take up our special wedding photography and video package offer. And that's not all. We will also give you a FREE photobooth with props and unlimited prints for your reception. We are a specialist Photography, Video and Film Production Company in our 8th year of operation. We are well established, and occupy our own large premises in Clydebank near Glasgow. We began life as a one-man photography hobby operation by photographer Allan Rutherford and over the past 8 years have grown into a fully fledged media production hub specialising in wedding video, photography and music projects.

read more › Your wedding day is without doubt one of the most important days of your entire life, but it's about more than a single moment. Your wedding day is part of your bigger life story and we want to capture that story for you to share now, and in the future. Boy In The Corner Photography and Film will provide you with an unforgettable and lasting vault of memories to cherish for the rest of your life. Out Of Lockdown Special Offer: Yes it's true. We will video your wedding ceremony and livestream it as it happens to anywhere in the world for FREE when you take up our special wedding photography and video package offer.

read more › If these three elements take place then it's a winner and we want to capture every single moment of your day and turn it into a lifetime memory to look back on for years to come. Of course we understand there is much much more to your wedding day, and we will be there to record and capture as much of it as you wish us to. We don't place any restrictions on the time we are willing to spend ensuring every detail is saved for you to recall and future generations to admire. We leave absolutely nothing to chance.

read more › Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you deserve your photographic memories to be preserved for a lifetime. These 10 tips for perfect wedding photographs will go a long way to achieving your goal. This may seem like a no-brainer suggestion that doesn't need to be said, but it actually leads on to the the question of how to choose a good experienced photographer! A good wedding photographer can provide a service and a product that will give you a lifetime of happy memories.

read more › Your most special day, captured your way. This personal touch is at the heart of our professional wedding photography and video services. We have been privileged to be part of over 100 weddings as the chosen wedding photographer in the Clydebank area and it would be our pleasure to tailor a superb and affordable package for you and your partner. From behind the scenes footage of the bride and groom putting on their finery, to the ceremony itself and the traditional family groupings, we can promise tasteful, beautiful photographs of each part of your big day.

read more › If you need a wedding photographer in East Kilbride then you have come to the right place. Let me introduce myself. I'm based just outside of Glasgow in the heart of Clydebank and travel all over our fantastic country attending beautiful weddings in some of the nicest locations in Scotland. Every wedding is different and as your wedding photographer my job is to capture your biggest day in all of its glory missing none of the formalities but adding as many as possible of the priceless spontaneous moments that always happen.

read more › Glasgow has some of the world's most beautiful locations imaginable for a wedding, and being a wedding photographer in Glasow is arguably one of the best jobs anyone could possibly have. My name is Allan Rutherford and as lead wedding photographer for Glasgow at Boy In The Corner I am that lucky person you often hear about in those "10 best wedding jobs" articles in glossy magazines. Every day I wake up with a smile on my face knowing that my future holds so many fabulous weddings still to come, with so many varied and interesting people to photograph.

read more › A wedding video will bring you lasting memories of the sights and sounds of your wedding day allowing you to luxuriate in your happiest moments and feel the love of your friends family and partner over and over again. Out Of Lockdown Special Offer: Yes it's true. We will video your wedding ceremony and livestream it as it happens to anywhere in the world for FREE when you take up our special wedding photography and video package offer. And that's not all. We will also give you a FREE photobooth with props and unlimited.

read more › Our Streaming Video Service (SVS) means we can broadcast your entire wedding ceremony to all your family and friends wherever they are in the world, live in real-time, as it happens. Today's socially distanced world has brought huge changes to the way weddings are conducted. Varying restrictive tiers can often make large attendances at a wedding ceremony impossible. Our solution ensures no-one misses out on sharing your big day with you. Yes, that's right. The entire ceremony streamed live as it happens while also being recorded in high definition.

read more › Nothing captures the essence of your wedding day more completely than a professional wedding day video. The sights, the sounds, even the smells all magically come back into your memory when you view your wedding day video. Nothing compares to a professionally filmed wedding video, produced with loving compassion, and edited to evoke lasting memories of your wedding day in all its glory. It does not have to be a Hollywood epic to bring tears of laughter and joy, or soaring emotions. It only needs to be authentic and real, just like you and your friends, family and partner.

read more › When you want to capture precious memories of your special wedding day, Boy in the Corner Photography and Film deliver the premier wedding package to suit your taste and your budget. We offer a free consultation to discuss your personal requirements and can include footage of 'behind the scenes' preparations for both the groom and bridal parties. Please be assured that we are delighted to offer our services to clients of all backgrounds, cultures and genders who are uniting in a civil partnership or faith based ceremony.

read more › Everything you need to know about Live Video Streaming in our Ultimate Guide. Discover what equipment you will need, how much it will cost, and how to get the best results using it. In this ultimate guide to live streaming we will lead you through the process of gathering everything you need to get started and pointing out a few tips and tricks to help you on the way with your first Live Streaming adventure. We will guide you from the simplest Facebook and smartphone stream, to a professional setup that could be used on a live event such as a wedding, a music performance or any other larger scale event you can think of, including using multiple cameras.

read more › A First Holy Communion is a very special time in a child's young life marking the growth in their faith and religion. It also serves to remind family and parent's of God's love for each and every child. Such an occasion should be remembered and shared for years to come by everyone related and close to the child. Our professional communion photography service will capture these precious moments for you and provide you with a lasting testament of the Holy Communion Service, before, during and afterwards at the celebration party.

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