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Matilda Delves Wedding Photography I specialise in natural wedding photography in London, for contemporary couples with a laid-back approach. My number one driving force is always to create beautiful meaningful work for my clients, which is why I'm a documentary wedding photographer; I'll work in the background, capturing you looking wonderful doing your thing. I'm a documentary style wedding photographer, which means I capture the moments as they happen, rather than trying to force them.

The emotions in the moment create the perfect opportunity for me, and I love finding the right angle to immortalise them forever. You're at your most content when you're relaxed, so there's no awkwardness or stiffness in my work - just pure joy, unadulterated glee, and sheer buckets of love.

Natural wedding photography has two major benefits: it means that you enjoy your wedding day uninterrupted, but it also means that when you get your gallery back, the images will take you straight back to a memory you never want to forget.Not only the big bits, but all the tiny ones too - the hand squeezes, the messy hems, the quiet tears, the proud parents, the loving glances will all be there for you, forever.

read more › Kent & London Wedding Photographer specialising in natural documentary wedding photography. Whilst I'm firmly in this camp too, what I call it doesn't really matter; what matters is how I do it, and most of all, how it makes you feel on your wedding day and in years to come. Being a documentary style wedding photographer means I shoot the day as it unfolds, rather than trying to orchestrate it. This is because, in all honesty, there's no need to orchestrate it; you and your loved ones are experts at being yourselves, and that's what I want to capture.

read more › I'm based in Canterbury, Kent, but I travel al over the UK to photography weddings, from Scotland to Cornwall and everywhere in-between. I love to travel and have a valid passport so please do email if you are getting married abroad. I can work out a bespoke quote for you. I absolutely love photographing weddings, but I also photograph family portrait shoots, little ones, which you can see on this website under the "family gallery" and I have commercial and travel work on this website,

read more › These are a great way for us to get to know each other better before the wedding and are a lot of fun. This is an opportunity to get your fancy gear on, take a half day from work and get some fish and chips by the sea or a cocktail in London. Either way, I would highly recommend doing a pre wedding shoot before your big day.

read more › So you're here because you would like your family photographing just as they are in their perfect, un-perfectness! Snotty noses, scuffed knees, tears, bumps and all! Because these moments are so fleeting, kids grow up so fast (too fast), these are the most precious moments and you would like them documented for you and your children's children! Thank you so, so much they are just perfect. You've captured us both so perfectly, I've never had my photo taken like that before and I look just how you made me feel, relaxed and happy.

read more › Times change and technology even faster, which is why a fine art wedding album is the perfect keepsake. There is nothing better than holding your wedding photos in your hands, please don't let your photos stay as jpegs and live on a hard drive - print them! Your beautiful hand bound album comes in a variety of sizes and colour options. All albums are printed on archival quality photographic paper and have an invisible crease, which means the page lies flat, making it the perfect coffee table book.

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