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Bright Apple Photography My name is Danielle and I'm a professional newborn baby photographer with studios in Surrey. I LOVE my job, I love kids and I love creating unique and timeless photographs for my clients. I specialise in Newborn Photography and Family Portraits but I also offer other fun photoshoots, corporate headshots and photography for small businesses as well as fitness photography.

Capturing those milestones with memorable cake smash photography, outdoor family photoshoots for those looking for a relaxed, natural feel to your photographs and studio portraits for beautiful, fine art photos of the people most important to you is what make me happiest. My photoshoots are about enjoyment and being yourself. Being a mum myself I understand the importance of capturing a child's personality and all the magic that surrounds childhood.

What better excuse to spend a few hours focusing solely on your family and having those moments turned into albums. I have a photography studio in West Molesey, Surrey and also work from several scenic locations around Surrey, Bush Park being my favourite.

read more › Bright Apple Photography is multi-award winning newborn photographer. Offering a relaxed and friendly approach specialising in stylish modern photography at popular Surrey locations and my Photography studio in Molesey. Whilst specialing in Newborn Photography I love to watch familys as they grow and enjoy photographying all the special milestones as children grow up. Nothing makes me happier that seeing how your children have grown and changed since our last photoshoot and taking beautiful family photographs for you.

read more › Whether you are having a family photoshoot or maternity session there are a few little tips to help you be a bit better prepared, as your choice of outfit can make all the difference the photos. Firstly and most importantly please avoid black and other dark dull colours! They literally drain the colour from your face, create dark shadows and draw the eye away from the subject. Big puffer coats are also to be avoided if possible, layer up with jumpers and scarfs or a more tradional coat will work better on colder days.

read more › Just wanted to say Thank You for these gorgeous photos! We absolutely LOVE them! Also Thank You for a lovely photo experience. It was so handy to pop out for an afternoon of soft play and be able to stop by and have our photos taken at the same time. You were also so nice with my wonderful boys - As any besotted mother would, I loved hearing you admiring my littlest one's smiles, and even though my bigger boy was having a few grumpier moments, you still managed to capture his beautiful smile at just the right moment!

read more › Newborn Photography is suitable for any baby up to 12 weeks old, however the very best time for newborn photoshoot is between 5-21 days old. All prices above include use of studio props and outfits, however you are always welcome to bring your own special items along to the shoot too. Turnaround time on all shoots is 3 weeks, your booking is not confirmed until the deposit has been paid. My schedule can fill up quickly which varies from month to month so its highly recommended that you book in your session when pregnant.

read more › All Bright Apple products are premium, professional quality, hand-created by skilled and experienced craftsmen and printed using the latest, most sophisticated printing technology. An Album with seamless panoramic spreads. We use a professional album printing company, so each cover is handcrafted as we believe a personal touch goes a long way. Choose your favourite images and let us create a personalised heirloom that will be shared for generations. A lay flat, flush-mounted Photo Album with seamless, panoramic, 800 gsm spreads and a striking edge-to-edge acrylic cover.

read more › Those fond memories of motherhood begin before the birth while you're still feeling refreshed, beautiful and excited about the joy of your new arrival! This is the beginning of the new life growing inside you; your body as one with your unborn child. An experience we are blessed with for a very short time in our lives. Sometimes we may think we don't want to capture this time. For whatever reasons we may have, this is a moment in your life you will treasure forever. You'll always remember hearing your baby's first heartbeat, the first kick, or the tiny little hiccups.

read more › Bright Apple Photography is pleased to be able to offer both studio photography and outdoor photoshoots to its clients. Outdoor Photoshoots offer a more relaxed style of photography which is amazing for all ages, we play, climb trees and focus on happy family moments in amongst the more posed images, this style of photoshoot is especially suited when you have little ones over 1 and under 5 as they have fun and can run around at a time when posing in a studio is rarely on their busy agendas. It's also great for larger family groups as the studio can only fit up to 4 people!

read more › Cake smash photoshoots are a great way to commemorate your child's first birthday. This will often be the first time you child will have tasted cake and their re-actions (although very varied in my experience) are always fun to record. If your child's 1st birthday is in the summer you may opt for an outdoor photoshoot. As we can't do vintage baths outdoors, outdoor shoots have more family and portrait shots of the birthday boy or girl to make sure you get the same number of images in either package.

read more › Movement is medicine, so the saying goes and I've been fascinated by movement since I was child. I've taken dance classes, capoeira, karate, aerial fitness (hoop, trapeze, silks) and most recently taken up yoga. So it seems logical to bring something I love into a job I adore. This is fitness photography for all levels, teachers and students, beginners and professionals alike. An opportunity to shine and show off your skills. Whether you are a keen Yogi and want to show off some of those beautiful positions with yoga photography or a capoeira teacher looking for fresh images to promote your business and add to social media content, I'm here to help.

read more › Bright Apple's Photography for parents classes are designed to be a fun introduction to photography. The basics like camera settings to help encourage you to experiment away from your camera's automatic mode. The class takes place in Bushy Park Pheasantry gardens and lasts approx 2 hours and costs 130 weekdays or 150 Saturday mornings (you can also add your partner/friend to your course for an extra 30). 5 Stars As a complete novice, the course was an excellent starting point. We focused on the important aspects of lighting and composition and I feel confident to go away and practise what I have learnt today.

read more › The best age to photograph newborns is when they are between 5-21 days new. During this time babies are still very sleepy and curly. They don't mind you moving them around from pose to pose while they rest in dreamland! Once they have a full belly and are kept warm, they will generally sleep the entire session! We can take lovely photos of baby at any age, however please be aware that when babies are over 25 days I can no longer guarantee the sleepy, curly newborn style, we can still take lovely photos but they are less posed and prop focused, instead they are more awake and more natural, with details like their lovely chubby toes and tiny fingers.

read more › I'm a full time Professional Portrait Photographer (and mum) with a specialty in Newborn photoshoots, photographing from maternity through to adulthood. I have spent the last 12 years photographing, studying, and educating myself in photography. I pride myself in being highly experienced in handling and soothing newborns. I truly love babies and, of course, my wonderful job of recording them. Your child is the most priceless and selfless gift. Capturing the first few days of your baby's life with a photographer you connect with is as special as your wedding day.

read more › Based in West Molesey the Bright Apple Photographic Studio is bright, homely and most importantly designed to help get the best possible photos from your session. This is a question I get asked a lot, whilst it may seem like an easy option to have a photographer come to you home this is not often the case. I've been a photographer for many years and tried both approaches and the advantages of a studio shoot are far greater than that of a home shoot. You have a massive choice of props to choose, albums you can browse for inspiration with far more options that I can show on my site.

read more › Within a year's time, a baby goes through so many changes that, without the help of photographs, you'd have a hard time remembering all those little quirks your baby had along the way. From changing faces and bodies to all those adorable expressions or movements, they all seem to go away in a moment's time. It really is true about what people say -- they grow up so fast! That's why it's so important to capture all those little changes as they happen over time starting with beautiful newborn photography.

read more › Whilst the ideal age for photographing newborn babies is between 1-3 weeks old, this isn't to say we can't get lovely photos at any age, in fact I class all babies under 12 weeks as newborns for photographic purposes. The sessions can be a little different though, babies are often more alert and awake, so we get lots of lovely smiles. They aren't quite so curly, so whilst not all poses maybe possible, those gorgoeus rolls more than make up for that. Sometimes they may also take a little longer to drop off to sleep so sessions may take a little longer, or they may not sleep at all, so photos are with their eyes open and wrapped up or unposed and more natural.

read more › Please add me to your contacts or check your junk folder if you haven't received a response within 24 hours! Please note I'm am often away from my computer on shoots so may not respond immediately, however I reply to all emails within 24 hours of receiving them. Email servers often file my reply messages in your junk folder, so please add me to your contacts or check your junk folder if you haven't received a response within 24 hours! Please note whilst I do offer shoots at weekends and out of hours I deal with all communication and admin during office hours only.

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