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Kathryn Tuckerman Photography A whistle stop tour of my work life would go something like move to London aged 16 to become a ballerina, leave London for a life of cruise ships and ballroom dancing, return to Scotland and do a Masters degree in marketing as a mature student at Glasgow uni, do the 9-5 thing. I started Kathryn Tuckerman Photography while on maternity leave, it's amazing how having a baby will make so many things you were once scared of, so obviously simple!

And I haven't looked back. My photography training over the years includes a lot of trial an error in the past, some awe inspiring workshops and mentoring experiences, working alongside some other very inspirational photographers in the industry and googling something if I don't know how to do it.

read more › The buzz, the excitement. Everyone you love in one place for one day. Champagne for breakfast, your best outfit in since prime childhood dressing up days. What's not to love? My job on your wedding day is not only to take the beautiful portraits that will be looked at for generations, but to capture all the fun and laughter between friends and family in one of the most special days of your lives. I'm yet to meet anyone who looks forward to getting their picture taken, but I'll be there every step of the way to reassure you and I promise, it's not as daunting as you think.

read more › Whether you're a pilates coach, yoga teacher, personal trainer, or own a commercial gym, chances are that a large part of your marketing and networking with clients is done online, and probably through social media. Custom imagery can mean the difference between having your ideal client 'click' and identify with you, and them scrolling on by your profile. But does it often feel like 'finding something to post' is a task you put off time and time again? I can help take the pain out of that. Having a bank of images at you fingertips (*an online gallery on your phone!) can really make keeping your social media up to date, and relevant to your business, so much easier.

read more › If you know you should be posting to social media, updating your website and marketing collateral, but you're busy running your business and it always slips down the priority list - I can help. What if you had a bank of images at your fingertips which have been shot specifically for you and your business? That's what I do! So much more than "just a headshot" I'll help you create images that have your personality shining through your business. Imagine not having to worry about what picture to use?

read more › I take headshots using natural light, in a setting that you're comfortable with. No intimidating studio, or big lighting setups. That could be in your home, your workplace, the beach or a park. We can have a chat to decide what will work best. Whether you're a performer who needs a full portfolio of images, or a just need a new LinkedIn profile picture, get in touch and we can make a plan. Prices start from 75 for a 20 minute shoot which will provide at least 5 digital images for you to download and keep.

read more › To make your planning process a bit easier, I have created two basic packages. From there you can add little extras to suit your day and different ways to preserve your memories. Whether you choose a specific number of hours of photography coverage, or the full wedding day package, all of my couples receive their images in a beautiful online gallery. From there you can share your pictures with friends and family, order prints directly and download and keep your images with full sharing and printing rights.

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