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J M C Photography Jamie started out in the exciting world of freelance sports photography over 20 years ago, following his many successes in this field he decided to expand the business a number of years ago into other areas of photography such as weddings, portrait and corporate photography and has never looked back. He loves the fact that every day is different - he can be doing a photo shoot with a famous footballer one day to capturing a special moment with one of his wedding clients another.

He has been lucky enough to photograph many leading sports personalities and attend some of the biggest sporting events throughout his career. His PR and Sports photography regularly appear in several of the national newspapers such as The Times, The Sun, The Daily Mail and The Mirror. His dynamic versatile approach to photography has distinct benefits in everything he does, giving an exciting and cutting-edge feel to his subjects.

His style of photography is informal, contemporary, fun and relaxed, taking great pride in creating photographs that tell a story.

read more › Jamie started out in the exciting arena of sports photography where he continues to do a great deal for leading national newspapers and magazines with his award-winning sports photography. Sports photography has enabled him to develop his own unique style of photography in other parts of the business that is contemporary, exciting and cutting edge. The portrait photography side of the business Jamie has been dedicated to capturing stunning photographic images of babies, children, families, and even pets.

read more › Your wedding photographs will be one of the first investments that you make as a married couple and will be with you for the rest of your lives. At jmc-weddings, we want to capture all of the little details of the day, the fun, your friends and family and most importantly the love that you will share on your special day. We do this in a natural, fresh and contemporary style. We will tell your story through our lens and our promise to you, is to give your day the attention to detail it deserves.

read more › If you like the style of our contemporary weddings photography and want to meet Berkshire based Jamie to find out if we are the photographers for you please do get in touch! Most couples want to meet Jamie in person before booking - we will spend around an hour with you, looking through albums, showing you our style, and getting to know your vision for your wedding day. An engagement, or pre weddings shoot is on offer to all our clients and is included in some of our packages. We find it is an idea opportunity for you as a couple to spend time with Jamie getting to know how he works and most importantly how you feel having lots of photographs being taken.

read more › Jamie is known for his high level of customer care and personal attention to his clients. Jamie recognises the importance of meeting with potential bridal clients and is happy to welcome you to his home in Wokingham, Berkshire or arrange to meet you at your home or a nearby convenient location to discuss the details of your wedding and view some of his complete wedding albums, with a no pressure to book policy; Jamie wants you to be sure that his style of photography is what you want so you will get the wedding photographs of your dreams.

read more › An engagement, or pre wedding phototgraphy shoot is on offer to all our clients and is included in some of our packages. We will then spend around an hour with you on the day of the shoot, taking some lovely informal shots of you and your partner. It's a fantastic opportunity to allay your anxiety about being in front of the camera, work out what works best for you and get to know Jamie in person so that he is not just a guy behind the camera on your wedding day. You'll have some lovely photographs to cherish too of course!

read more › Excited, nervous, impatient! We've seen it all as the big day dawns! We will be sensitive to everything else that is happening on the biggest day of your life and ensure the photography element of the day isn't something you need to worry about! and that you will have wedding day photographs to cherish. We know that many people don't like having their photo taken but your wedding day is one occasion where you can't escape it! We will make the process very smooth for you - you won't be asked to pose for endless formal portraits (unless you want them of course!) and our use of many long, fast lenses will mean that for the most part, you won't even know we're there!

read more › For a small amount extra you can get a second photographer to cover your wedding. The benefit of having two photographers is as follows:you are able to have a dedicated photographer covering both the bride and groom having fun getting ready before the wedding ceremony. During the ceremony, you are able to capture different details and angles before and during the ceremony. Two photographers offers the ability to capture more of your guests and the special details of the day whilst the bride and groom have a dedicated photographer throughout the day.

read more › Before your wedding day consider an Engagement Photo Shoot as a celebration, Jamie can produce a series of stunning images to capture you both in one of your favourite places - perhaps a landmark, a romantic spot you know and love or your chosen wedding venue. It's a fantastic opportunity to allay your anxiety about being in front of the camera, work out what works best for you and get to know Jamie in person so that he is not just a guy behind the camera on your wedding day. The end result is a wonderful set of photos of you both, perhaps a mounted Signing Board of your favourite image for your wedding guests to sign on the big day or to include in a guest book.

read more › The digital package is one of our most popular packages for the modern day couple. This package gives you the flexibility to do what you like with your images as jmc-weddings give you the full rights for you reprint your images. The wedding books package is still one of our most popular packages. Your wedding book should be a reflection of you. Years from now you will want to look back and realize that you fulfilled your dreams by creating an heirloom to be proud of. This is our most popular package as it offers the "best of both" from the digital and wedding book packages.

read more › We really can't thank you enough for all the support and hard work you gave us on our wedding day to ensure that we had an exceptional day. You were so professional, relaxed and discreet during the day; as a result we have the most amazing photos. The service you delivered was first class, we felt that you listened to our requirements and responded accordingly. As a result Jim and I are absolutely delighted with our final wedding book, it has surpassed our expectations and we have had so many positive comments at how wonderful it looks.

read more › Jamie has found that people tend to fall in one of two categories - those who love having their photo taken, and those who absolutely do not. Jamie's job is to make those who love it even more excited about the process, and those who do not love it leave their session thinking that having their picture taken isn't so terrible after all - in fact, it may even be kind of fun. Jamie photographs many different types of portrait and lifestyle sessions - from engagements, to maternity, to newborns, and to families.

read more › Welcome to jmc-photography, where we offer the very best in children's photographic portraiture. Our Babies and Child Photography page displays just some of what we do, but not all of our work is displayed online. We have worked on many different child photography assignments and are happy to discuss a photoshoot to suit your family's requirements. Jamie has an eye for detail and works well with Children and babies to get their very best smile captured on camera. Browse our photo galleries of our babies and children's photography sessions to get an idea of our style of photography, here at jmc-photography.

read more › Jamie prides himself in capturing beautiful portraits of your children and family that you (and one day your children) will fall in love with and treasure for a lifetime. He takes a huge amount of care in providing you with the very best artistic and emotive images because they are of the most precious people in your life. Jamie is passionate about finding gorgeous, enchanting, soft light for his family photo shoots, whether on a dusky summer evening, or early on a frosty winter morning. He nearly always photographs outdoors and his portraits are as sun-filled and as magical as he can make them.

read more › Are you having problems taking great pictures of your pets? Is your pet photography a little limited? Here at jmc-photography we like to capture the unique personality, expression & character of your pet. With our pet photography we specialise in capturing horses, dogs, and pets at their best, their natural personality in their natural habitat. The goal is to provide you with a wonderful experience, during a relaxed and fun session, and images of the pet you love, which you can cherish and delight in for years to come.

read more › In today's competitive business environment, it is essential to have a strong brand image that your customers and suppliers can instantly relate to. At jmc-photography we offer an extensive range of services under our corporate photography packages. Whether you are looking for corporate portraits maybe for annual reports, product images, event photography, reportage work place shots or any other company related images Jamie can produce innovative and dynamic corporate photos for your organisation.

read more › Jamie has a wealth of experience in the PR photography arena taking shots of some of the best-known people in the sporting world. Jamie focuses on creating exceptional quality images for use in magazine print, corporate literature and newspapers. Jamie started out in the exciting arena of sports photography working for The Sun as a freelance sports photographer. He still regularly works for the Sun but has expanded his work into the Daily Mail and the Times doing many special feature photoshoots within the newspapers.

read more › Jamie at jmc-photography will bring your small business to life, focusing on the people and products behind your brand. Being a local small business himself, Jamie understands the huge amount of work that goes into running a small business. We can help provide your business with innovative images. When people look at your business, they want to see the people behind the brand. Your customers want to buy into the ethos of your company and the product or services that you sell. Competition is fierce these days, Jamie's small business photography will make your brand stand out from the crowd and be seen.

read more › A sports photographer is one of the few remaining pure forms of documentary photography. The moment happens and it is gone. You either capture it in an image or you don't. Unlike sports writers and television, still photographers don't have the luxury of instant replay. Jamie started his career as a sports photographer, working freelance for many of the national newspapers including The Sun, The Times, The Mail. His award winning photography covers all the major sports and still continues to feature in many of the back pages of the newspapers.

read more › Why a micro wedding could be right for you? The rise of the micro wedding You have picked the dream venue, the date was confirmed, the photographer booked and then. 2020 will go down as the year of what could have been. Today it looks likely that we are still a long way away from the dream 100+ guest wedding. So is the future a more intimate micro wedding? The events of the last year have scuppered plans for so many. Small Business Photography in Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey Calling all Small Business owners.

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