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We believe in providing priceless wedding photography. Whether as Dorset Wedding Photographers & Film makers or whilst undertaking commissions elsewhere in the world. We have a passion and commitment in attuning to people, giving us unique insights to instances of real connection. Hearing and understanding the shared vision for your wedding day. We compliment, capture and convey your story creatively & simply.

A wedding is a huge day in any couples' life. Rich in emotion and an abundance of photographic opportunity. Every wedding being different, whether it's cultural traditions, unique chemistry, location, theme or simply the weather. Many factors being bought together for one momentous day. All aligned differently, each wedding celebration having its own particular recipe, a unique beauty, a celebrated individuality.

We anticipate, recognise, attune and respond, to all of the subtle and not so obvious wedding day energies. It's what keeps us alive creatively, pushing forward within our work as a Dorset Wedding Photographer.

read more › Hopefully you are reading this because you like our style of photography, and that you are a little curious. Maybe wanting to know more about the images we could create for you on your wedding day? The 'Team' wasn't planned, rather it formed itself organically over the last couple of years. Having previously worked on my own shooting solo on weddings, developing the 'brand' and my style in how I wanted to tell the wedding day story. I found myself making an imprint within the very competitive wedding photography market, creating a healthy market presence, a loyal client base, and a booked diary.

read more › Your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life. It will come to pass so quickly, with many moments, tender exchanges, fun and laughter, bubbling up throughout your day. Many not lasting long, some almost going unnoticed. Our distinctive, award winning photography and videography will capture the true feeling of your day, bringing you back to relive it all with your children and grandchildren in the years to come. We capture the true beauty within the wedding day adventure, the anticipation, along with the excitement.

read more › Artisan Fine Art Books, the finest quality British books & your first family heirloom. What a brilliant place within which to present the moments from your wedding day in years to come. Each book is made according to your individual taste, from the choice of images, to the choice of covers and personalisations. You get the final say on design before it goes to print. Spend a couple of hours in the Dorset countryside creating some relaxed, fun imagery of you and your partner. It's a great way to get used to the camera before the big day, as well as to have some brilliant images taken in your every day threads.

read more › It's been an epic journey of self discovery as a person, along with my organically growing in creative direction. Eight years maturing has led to new levels of understanding and attunement to others behaviours. All the personal experiences that have come my way, have all shaped the unique way I see the world. My unique perspective on how I chose to capture individuals, showing their humanity within fleeting moments - these very moments are things that others simply won't get! This is the value that I bring to others and it's what I hold as being my creative direction.

read more › Wedding photography is undoubtedly a big investment, irrespective of the style of photographer chosen or the budget you decide to set aside. Apart from your wedding rings, your wedding photography will be the only lasting legacy to be enjoyed long after the event. It is a personal record of your day as well as a testimonial to future generations of how you lived and where they come from. Your wedding day photography should be seen as your legacy, something to be enjoyed by you, your family and the generations that will follow.

read more › As Dorset Wedding Videographers the Wedding Films we produce seek to capture the unique connection of both Bride & Groom. We shy away from following formulas, set lists or agendas. Our goal is to capture the energy, connection and passion within the people gathered, reflecting the day truthfully and creatively. We see your story as it is. The words you share within your vows, or those within your wedding breakfast speeches. These become the backbone upon which we layer our distinctive style of Wedding Videography within our Dorset wedding films.

read more › The heartbeat to our work as Gay Wedding Photographers is within working with couples who are comfortable in expressing their connection, tenderness and love. That's the one thing a photographer or film maker cannot magic up. It's naturally present and unique to every relationship. Capturing this within the story of your same sex wedding is what creatively binds us within our story telling. Our unobtrusive, documentary style lends itself perfectly within our creative gay wedding photography and film making.

read more › At times, planning a wedding can seem daunting. From researching the various suppliers, making choices & then bringing them together on the one big day. It's time consuming but it's also fun! Your wedding photography will be your single biggest investment that will stand the test of time. Making the correct decision, upon quality & style, service and products, they all come into play. Above and beyond these, it's also a choice based around personalities. A number of years ago, I blindly followed the words upon websites from other photographers.

read more › Planning a wedding is one of those few occasions in life where we move forward making decisions upon things that we have limited, or next to no experience in. You are expected to make the correct choices on all the priorities. To balance the books and follow a budget. From finding a venue that will fit your vision for your day, whilst still being practical. Having accommodation nearby or included? How far ahead should we book and how much should we expect to pay? Do you go for a Band or a DJ - or both?

read more › Having trust in your Wedding Photographer is paramount. Many clients have been kind enough to give their views and thoughts on my work, a selection from which can be viewed below. We are happy to forward contact details to enquiring clients wishing to obtain personal references on our quality of work, customer service and professionalism. They captured the most wonderful moments of our day including the tender and emotionally charged moments that were so special to us and also the fun and crazy moments.

read more › From the venues, the florists, the band through to the photographers, wedding suppliers drop their rates for weddings held on a Monday to Thursday. It doesn't matter if you are getting married in 2021 or 2022, as long as you book before the end of 2021. We will honour our existing pricing structures and you will benefit from this massive wedding photography discount. Firstly, you'll need to get in contact to arrange an opportunity to talk or meet. Here you will get to see the full service Collections and pricing.

read more › As a Dorset family photographer, husband and father of three, I fully appreciate the uniqueness of my own family. Seeing 'difference' in other family groups, and seeking to capture it, is all part of my creative drive! Capturing the real characters can sometimes take a little more time than initially offered in a mini session, so an in depth documentary approach to a 'Day in the life' may work best. Everyone having the time to settle and relax, with switching off from the camera close by. Others may find that a quick location shoot is just the ticket.

read more › Visualising finished artwork on walls is difficult for most people - I'm certainly one of those. That's why many people walk away from a shoot with their images saved to a USB or downloaded to their computers, with the all important final step - to print and display, never to be taken! Imagine sitting with your wedding day photos (500+ images) and deciding which ones work together as a visual storyboard, a combination of 3 or 5 images that compliment in colour, composition and moments. These choices being the springboard to transport you back to the day and the collective memories.

read more › Our personal branding photography & films service is an all encompassing umbrella. We naturally gravitate to creatives, performers, craftsmen and sports people wishing to capture their energy and dynamism. We approach each person as an individual, looking to isolate the 'things' that make them unique. It's a process we have used within our documentary wedding photography for many years, but it's also 'the way' to get imagery that has life and purpose to it. It may be raw but this reality is what other people identify with and connect with.

read more › The calendar below displays available times in your time zone to make it as easy as possible. Scroll through the available day options using the left + right arrows. You'll be able to add the time to your own calendar using the iCal, Outlook + Google links or through the confirmation email that you'll receive.

read more › We hope you have enjoyed looking through our site and that the work and style has made an impression. Please, leave you details below, along with a brief outline of how we can help. We will be in touch with you as to our availability within 24hrs and look forward to speaking to you soon. We're thrilled to offer 15% reductions on Mid Week Lead Collection Wedding Photography (Mon-Thurs), along with 15% reductions for Winter Weddings. I consent to the use of my data in this way.* We reply to all enquiries within 24 hours, so if you haven't heard back from us in this time scale, please check your junk mail folder.

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