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Jakub Iwanicki Photography My name is Jakub and I'm a passionate creative individual who uses medium of photography and video to create stills and moving images of people and products for brands, agencies and organizations. My journey with photography begun when I was asked to take a photo of a tourist couple with their DSLR camera. From the first moment when I looked through the viewfinder I fell in love with the medium of photography.

A few months later I got my first camera and I applied for a photography course at Stevenson College in Edinburgh. After spending hundreds of hours taking photographs in almost any possible genre I completed my education with BA in Professional Photography and I realized that advertising was the most exciting area for me. Soon I was given an opportunity by Whitespace creative agency to join their creative team as a contracted in-house photographer and videographer.

During the 3 years with the agency, I worked on a variety of projects for high-profile clients and brands across the UK.

Jakub's focus as a photographer is to work close with his client to tell a story of people, items or brands through his creativity. Whether on location or at the studio, Jakub is capable of capturing stills and video while working on the set. Often Jakub acts as a director to guide the subject and the team while capturing required imagery.

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