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Wisephotons We have been specialising in professional wedding photography for over twenty years and have covered many different types of civil and religious wedding ceremonies at various venues. Professional wedding photography have a team of photographers and videographers fully experienced and qualified to cover your wedding. As a result of this, we offer a range of wedding photography prices and packages to suit your budget and also offer you the option to design your own wedding photography price and package.

We also have some special offers for advance bookings. We specialise in doing unique engagement photography. The shoot is designed to bring out the couples relationship and can take anything upto two hours to shoot. Engagement photography is fun and exciting with most of the shoots taking place outdoors. We specialise in boudoir and lingerie photography.

This is a very high quality piece of work, which we are able to shoot at our studios or at the bride's home. We have a specialist team of video film-makers that do a film shoot shoot to high definition and 4K level.

We have been for over twenty years been specialising in photography and filming work. Our style and photography is action orientated with the view to capture the most striking and elegant images for you to cherish for rest of time. Our photography work at all stages, pre wedding photography, engagement photography, bridal lingerie photography, professional

Wedding Gallery range of professional wedding photography is extensive and diverse, examples of which you can see here in our wedding gallery. We cover a whole range of wedding gallery ceremonies and functions, which include church weddings, registry office, civil ceremonies, weddings at hotels and community venues as well as overseas wedding photography

The unexpected gift for the groom this is what all our clients say about our bridal lingerie and boudoir photography. The groom is totally oblivious of the gift and the images when published as a print in a high quality book are just stunning. It is a gift that will always be cherished. It is a specialised area of work, which we take seriously and before

This is quite a specialised element of our work that aims to capture the couples feelings and relationship. Due to this we are able to offer this at a location of your choice or at our studios. In addition to his we are able to suggest a location that will also help to reflect your special relationship. We try our best to capture photographs that reflect

We have over the years developed a strong team of videographers and cinematic filming, as a result of which we are able to offer a complete high quality wedding video filming services. The following are some examples of our video work. We edit all our videos to a cinematic filming standard making sure the cut is in the format requested by the couple

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