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Octovision Media Fusing our passion for aerial photography and cinematography with the latest drone and camera equipment, our experienced pilots and camera people provide a high standard of service to both local and international clients. Aerial media is fast-becoming a popular way of communicating and engaging with existing and potential customers. Drone technology allows us to capture never-before-seen imagery and film that was only previously achievable by helicopter.

By combining 360° virtual tours, panoramic images and aerial footage, businesses can expect to see an increase in sales and brand awareness. Tailoring the media for a specific social platform is crucial to grow your businesses followers. Audiences expect more and more and we use awesome software and hardware to stay ahead of the crowd. We love what we do and the amazing experiences we've been on so far.

Get in touch to discuss how our aerial photography passion can help your project shine from the sky. Now into our fourth year with our Permission for Commercial Operation and full public liability cover.

read more › Creativity is our passion and our experience helps in capturing stunning cinematic video for your project. Working with the most talented film-makers and using the best equipment to capture your project or event. Are you a business looking to get started with drones? Talk to you about the best ways to get the training and the type of kit suitable for your requirements. Whether it's a wedding, birthday, prom or corporate event, we can beautifully capture all of your special moments from above and on the ground.

read more › We have years of experience providing stunning drone footage to production companies and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Aerial filming gives the viewer a unique opportunity to see the world from a whole new perspective. For the past three years, Octovision has collaborated with a number of national and international film and TV production companies to create beautiful, sweeping shots of landscapes, buildings and cities for various projects. Meanwhile, businesses from a diverse range of industries have benefited by using drone footage to drum up consumer interest.

read more › Our business is making your business stand out from the crowd using the latest in drone photography technology. Over the past few years, drone photography has taken the world by storm. It has become a distinctive way to showcase your business, whether you are a property developer, events organiser or run an industrial facility. Capturing before and after shots of a construction as it is being built is a brilliant way of generating customer interest, allowing you to show off your ideas whilst they are still - quite literally - at their foundation stage.

read more › 360 filming interactive and digital panoramic's can make all the difference when attracting new clients. 360° Filming is a great way to give people a unique way of interacting with your business before they even step foot through the door. According to a recent study, 44% of consumers search for a 360° film or image before deciding whether to visit a business. Of these potential customers, 41% end up visiting the space they searched for. It's no secret that if your business has easily accessible photos, or a virtual 360° tour, you have a greater chance of customer engagement.

read more › Capturing a building or business from afar is an excellent way of engaging new customers, but what about honing in on the more intricate details? Combining different angles allows businesses to create a multifaceted view of what they have to offer. For example, potential investors gain a valuable insight into the progress of new property developments, whilst people can see a preview of a space they're wanting to visit, such as a leisure park. We're also experienced in documenting events and conducting interviews - it's all about getting up close and personal, whilst dispersing this content with sweeping shots from above.

read more › We love what we do and we want to share it with the next generation. We have the skills, experience and expertise to bring our Drones for Schools program to the the education sector. Digital technologies, including drones, are going to be a huge part of our children's futures, whether it's for their jobs or in their everyday lives. Octovision Media has strong connections with local schools and colleges, including the Ron Dearing UTC and Stepney Primary School. Currently in development, our Drones for Schools programme strives to inspire and educate pupils in the power of drone technology and computer programming.

read more › Our 360° filming and photography services are approved by the world's favourite search engine. As creatives, our reputation means a lot to us. We're passionate about what we do and are proud to be recognised by Google as Trusted Professionals. Google Maps users love our work too; we have now received over five million hits across a range of popular shots of Hull and surrounding areas. Plus a few from abroad. The process is quick and easy, with your clients able to view your stunning business within 24 hours.

read more › We use off grid solar 4K time lapse systems to capture long term construction projects. Our experience and expertise can provide guidance on the best course of action for your company. The construction sector continues to grow. Our off grid 4K time-lapse systems capture every stage. With the ability to watch live images from the site, any where in the world. Videos can be produced daily or to any schedule 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Remote monitoring allows complete control, allowing the ability to change capture frequency when a project reaches a major milestone.

read more › Ocotovision Media takes your construction business and development projects as seriously as you do. Get before and after footage of your development. From large scale construction works, enviromental developments, and town planning, make your scheme stand out. We can capture footage at sports events previously only expensive helicopters could achieve. We can also stream our footage direct to anywhere in the world. We can take pictures or video of your roof to check for damage and any potential future problems.

read more › Drones are the perfect companion when it comes to construction surveys, inspections and analyses. From pre-planning application to official sign-off and beyond, we can capture your development throughout its entire life-span. Drone photography and filming is becoming an increasingly popular option to reduce the human risk involved in surveying mines, excavation sites, quarries and archeological digs. Additionally, we collaborate with leading-industry experts to produce the exact data you require for your project.

read more › Octovision Media takes your business as seriously as you do. Our commercial drone photography and video allows you to see the full picture. Octovision Media can perfectly capture the parts of your business not easily accessible from the ground. We have years of experience working with all kinds of businesses of all shapes and sizes across the Humber region. Our 360 degree commercial drone photography can show off your business off in unique ways which will impress your customers. You might have an estate agency business and want to show your properties from unusual but revealing angles that will enhance the selling and buying experience.

read more › Whether it's a popular music festival or an intimate wedding ceremony, Octovision Media can capture every special second. Aerial photography and cinematography is an amazing way of producing impressive shots of your event. We have worked with some of the region's most well-known events organisers, as well as producing film for corporate and private parties. During Hull UK City of Culture 2017, we captured some of the most internationally-significant and memorable arts and community festivals, shows and installations.

read more › Octovision has years of experience working with professional film and TV production companies to provide striking videography. Aerial footage adds a unique perspective to your creative project. Previously only achievable by helicopter, this distinctive type of filmography has become a key feature of creative projects. The Octovision team is experienced in providing footage for TV programmes, news sections, documentaries and dramas, as well as for independent short and feature-length films. We love to see our work used in unusual ways by production companies and frequently collaborate with VFX providers to turn our footage into something entirely different.

read more › Aerial media can bring about a number of benefits for the renewables sector. It can save costs and reduce the human risk involved in routine inspections, damage surveys and structural inspections. As we are based in the heart of the UK's growing renewable energy industry, we have already worked with some of the country's leading renewables projects. Octovision Media has the knowledge and experience to provide aerial visual support and specialist drone inspection services. We can support you throughout the entire lifespan of your renewables project, whether you work in biofuel, biomass, hydroelectric, solar, tidal or wind energy (on and off-shore).

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