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Here at Steve Rolfe Photography we have been very busy over the past few weeks, working with wonderful clients from photographing a Cotswold Manor house to pet images, head shots. To me photography is my dream job. It's a truly creative medium and for me it has opened up some different ideas and helped to unlock my creative thought processes. Natural light is a wonderful medium for photography and to me it doesn't get enough praise or acknowledgement.

Whilst everyone is grabbing their studio lights and lightboxes, I'm looking for. My name is Steve Rolfe and I'm a professional photographer based in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire. I have always been passionate about photography, in the beginning it was my hobby. When I was made redundant from the civil service in 2014 I decided to take a huge leap of faith and start my own photography business.

I'm an international selling photographer and have been published in multiple magazines, local and national newspapers. My portfolio is varied and I offer professional photography services covering various subjects from Interior Design, Food, Fashion, Product imagery to beautiful boudoir photography.

read more › Welcome to my website, my name is Steve Rolfe, I'm a professional photographer and I'm based in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire. I offer professional photography services covering subjects from Commercial photography which includes Interior Design, Fashion to Product imagery, beautiful portraiture and boudoir photography. For me photography is wonderfully creative and for the last seven years I have been creating my unique style within photography. I love being behind the camera, working with clients to create beautiful images and work from either studio or location.

read more › Whilst it would be nice to have all of my previous work on display, there would be far too many images on a single web page. As you can see my work covers a number of genres and I love to work with my wonderful clients creating beautiful photography. I'm a very creative photographer and being based in Gloucestershire I have lots of locations to photograph. I have both commercial and personal clients.

read more › A little insight into photography - Sometime ago I came across a great idea of capturing 3 images to make a set. I used to post one image onto social media, or a multiple of images on one thread. Not sure what made me change how I work or capture photos, but it certainly helps the thought process. I go out on a photo shoot, mostly urban, street, people, creative and look to see if I can get a set of 3, either 1 image that can be cropped 3 ways to highlight certain things, 3 images of one item shot from different angles or 3 things that have a connection a story.

read more › Sunday was a great day, I was interviewed by the wonderful Natalie from Our Baby Club, Cotswolds about my boudoir photography. It was fantastic to be able to talk about my boudoir photography and how it helps to empower ladies. I started to specialise with boudoir photography 4 years ago and just love to work with my clients. In the early days it was ladies getting images for their loved ones as a gift, but over the past 2 years I have noticed a shift in the reason behind why ladies are having a boudoir shoot.

read more › Here at Steve Rolfe Photography we have been very busy over the past few weeks, working with wonderful clients from photographing a Cotswold Manor house to pet images, head shots capturing a wellness retreat and beautiful boudoir photos and of course lots of editing. That is the beauty of photography no day is the same and we love to work with our clients creating wonderful images that make them happy. We still have some availability over the next few weeks, so if you have a project or a business that needs some fresh images, then please contact us.

read more › 40 for my 40th Update: So as you will know I set myself a challenge of completing 40 experiences to celebrate turning 40. One of those was to try my hand at modelling. I've not done any proper modelling other than a few mini promo shoots for campaigns or business imagery. I was rather depressed at the prospect of turning 40 and saw it as a negative rather than a milestone to embrace but never the less I put myself out there. After a compering gig a couple of years I was fortunate enough to meet Steve Rolfe of Steve Rolfe Photography who was there as official photographer.

read more › It only seems like yesterday that I was emptying my desk at the Inland Revenue after a 17 year sentence. It took me a little time to adjust to my new surroundings as a free man and free to start the next chapter of my life. I always had a passion for photography and it felt like a natural progression into it as a career. It hasn't been an easy journey, lots of ups and downs. But I'm so thankful that I have experienced them, as it has made me a stronger person and has made my photography business something that I am very proud of.

read more › How time flies, it only seems like yesterday that I left the civil service to start my new journey. In real time, it was 4 years ago and the year was 2014. Following a 17 year career sat behind a desk and sometimes banging my head on the desk, I took up their kind offer of redundancy. Yes, it was a huge culture shock and it took me a little time to adjust to the real world, but looking back it was the best thing that I ever did. For a number of years I had enjoyed spending my weekends, evenings and sometimes even before getting to work taking photographs.

read more › Natural light is a wonderful medium for photography and to me it doesn't get enough praise or acknowledgement. Whilst everyone is grabbing their studio lights and lightboxes, I'm looking for the light that nature supplies and offers us. It's not for everyone and thankfully not everyone is using it or even aware of it. I have worked in lots of studios and side by side by many photographers and they are frantically grappling for the studio lighting and at times over use them. Lighting from the front, with a beauty dish, lights from the side and one behind the model to lighten the back.

read more › An interesting question was posed, how do people choose a photographer? So how do you choose one? Is it through word of mouth, reviews or just a needle in the phone book? Photography is an art as well as a service that many people need. It's a creative process that is both personal to the photographer and the client. Anyone can pick up a camera or mobile phone to snap away and get an image, but what separates people from artists is an eye for an image. The creative thoughts that can spot the shot in the photo.

read more › I have covered this subject before, but it always seems to come up on a weekly basis. Photography is everywhere, some breathtaking, some that will resonate with you and some that you truly cannot understand and you start to question the photographers mindset. Whatever scenario, we all fall into it at times, whether were the photographer or the viewer. One thing we cannot escape is that business and photography are inextricably linked, whether we like it or not, it is here to stay and with the way social media is going it looks to be here for the foreseeable future.

read more › Recently I had a photo shoot with a wonderful client. My client had specific ideas of what she wanted from the shoot and what Images she was seeking. So that I knew what her likes and ideas were, we set up a joint Pinterest account so images were shared between the two of us. I found this invaluable as it helped me to understand exactly what was expected on the shoot. I had my photos done again a couple of weeks ago and I'm so pleased with them! I intend to use some of them on marketing materials and some of them on other stuff.

read more › Running my own photography business can be both rewarding and frustrating in equal measure. In a week that has seen me in the studio working with a wonderful new client has also seen me lose two contracts that I had been nurturing for the last 4 -6 weeks. Frustrating is an understatement and unfortunately the usual reason for businesses losing contracts, is the cost. Along with clients seeking other companies to do it cheaper, there's also the issue that they do not respect either you or your work and try to get you to reduce your prices.

read more › Thought I would share this quote from a truly wonderful boudoir photographer. Last year I had a session with Jess from Beautifully undressed boudoir as I wanted to understand how a fellow professional who specialises within boudoir photography engaged with her client. I have worked with models for a number of years, but to actually see how you interact and capture wonderful, sensual images of a lady who isn't a model was truly inspirational. Jess kindly commented you really have a lovely presence about you and kindness which comes across and i think is a great asset to have when taking boudoir photos of those who are not models or.

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