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We are a small, dedicated and highly-skilled team offering an exclusive range of services to the highest possible standard, including events, weddings, products and restoration. Because we manage the work flow form start to finish you get stunningly accurate results, every time. IOP stands for Input, Output Photo-Imaging. The name echoes our philosophies in production and design, a way of capturing without losing the meaning along the way, preserving the memories and details that are our windows to the past.

It is our mission to deliver results that are creative, beautiful and inspired by your needs.

read more › You've hired the tuxedo, booked the vintage car, and sorted the seating arrangements; now it's time to choose a photographer! You want your wedding photographs to last a lifetime, so compromising on quality isn't an option. But how to choose from the bewildering range of packages on offer? Do you save the money and opt for the gold collection, or do you push the boat out and pay for the 'platinum service'? After all, you don't want the photographer to miss that vital kiss, or that last dance of the evening.

read more › Photographs are precious and damage can occur over time; scratches, tears, fading, it all amounts to a loss of quality. Preserve memories for generations and re-live forgotten the past with restored images as vibrant as the day they were printed. Every image we scan will undergo a certain level of restoration. Because colours fade and scratches appear we remove these artefacts and bring colours back to their original glory. If your image is being restored beyond the usual signs of age we go to the next step and can actually restore the image pixel by pixel!

read more › We recognise the unique opportunities presented by our hosts and emphasise their styles and ideals to produce more than just a record of events, but visually versatile and reassuringly consistent images. Photography is a passion. It is a creative expression. Capturing the essence and raw power of a live music event requires an understanding, not only of the interplay between light and movement and sound, but also of the way music makes you feel. We are most passionate and proud of our work when we achieve that synergy between two arts, when we put you in the moment, and let you experience the event as if you were there!

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