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Bringing out your personality as an individual or even as a family is paramount to us. Our friendly photographers have grown as a family over the last 7 years helping each other along the way, learning to create the perfect relaxed atmosphere for our customers, using exceptional people skills and gaining outstanding attention to detail. Our studio sessions are for everyone.

Catering for family portrait photography, baby bump photography, new born photography, children's photography, cake smash birthday photo shoots, couples photo shoots and themed photo shoots. We also love having pets here too, so why not bring them along if you have one, after all they are a member of the family! Based in Middlesbrough we are a highly skilled team made up of experienced and creative individuals working together to create images of the highest quality for you and your family.

Middlesbrough is home to our family ran photography studio and it's where The Studio first started, formerly known as J Photographers from a small studio space, we have expanded over the years to a large professional studio setup, this studio is always commented on as having a very welcoming, relaxed and friendly environment.

read more › We understand how important it is to capture your baby's first moments - capturing your baby at their youngest age, provides memories and photographs which will be treasured for a lifetime. Despite the baby being photographed thousands of times by relatives, friends and family with smartphones - nothing compares to the high definition, quality and professionalism of a newborn photo shoot. All of our staff have been trained extensively in the photography of newborn babies, helping them deliver stunning images of your precious baby, every time.

read more › A portrait including you and your loved ones should showcase the connection you share, we like to photograph your family doing the things you enjoy - playing games with each other, laughing and joking together. These family pictures will capture the relationships between family members and ensure you have some great images of you all together. We like to keep these as relaxed and informal as possible, while still ensuring that all members of the family are in the frame. Often some of our most enthusiastic and uninhibited groups and, after a few gentle tips on posing, they tend to throw themselves into the experience wholeheartedly.

read more › Why not celebrate your little one's birthday in style with one of our famous 'Cake Smash' photo shoots, let them go wild on a delicious, messy cake while our photographers snap away to create some amazing memories. Cake smash photo shoots are generally catered for 1st birthday celebrations but we can also cater for late birthday celebrations or even up to two years old. Siblings are welcome to join in on the bake bashing action too, we also encourage parents to spur little ones on to make as much mess as they can.

read more › Maternity Shoots are massively growing in popularity with our customer base - and they provide the perfect way to celebrate your pregnancy and baby bump. Whether it's a full family coming in for a maternity shoot, or just the mother - we provide an incredibly natural maternity shoot - which perfectly captures the pregnancy, in an elegant and sophisticated way. This shoot is designed to be very relaxing in nature, and we find that all of the soon to be mothers very much enjoy capturing this special time.

read more › In the UK, it's a fair assumption to say that we are a nation of animal lovers. Cats, Dogs, Fish, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and even reptiles are part of families and households across the land - in recognition of our love affair with pets and animals - we provide a range of pet photoshoots and photography from our Middlesbrough studio. Unsurprisingly, the most popular types of Pet Shoot we carry out are Cat & Dog shoots (not together!) Animals in our studio are very relaxed, and do not seem remotely bothered about some of the bright lights!

read more › This is an amazing way for them to show off their magical powers and poses as we add special effects to your photographs to create some amazing and magical images. Let your little one take up the role of their favourite film or comic book character at our studios. Who wouldn't want to after all! They can choose from characters such as an Ice Princess, Fairy Princess, Football Star or Superhero!.

read more › The Studio offer a new perspective on wedding photography - capturing special and unique moments as they happen. Your wedding photography is assured by a standard of excellence achieved by us, giving you control and peace of mind. Your wedding day story should far exceed all of your expectations, especially as it's a story that begins a whole new chapter of your life. As such we work hard to document those key life-changing and traditional wedding moments alongside the unfolding story of the rest of the day.

read more › People want to see you and your business in the flesh, sometimes that isn't always as straight forward or viable as it may seem. Showcasing professionally captured photographs of your business can shine a whole new dimension on the way your business is perceived by your consumers. With 15+ years of product and commercial photography, we really have covered many industries. Sectors from retail & fashion to architecture, from dining and hospitality to beauty and most of what's in between too.

read more › With 15+ years of product and commercial photography, we really have covered many industries. From sectors such as fashion to industrial sector, from food shots to beauty products and most of what's in between too. We create beautiful product images that drive sales, perfectly presented to meet Amazon and Ebay photograph requirements for listing, we can also optimize images for you business website at your required specifications. Want to show your consumers how your product functions, or how it will look when put to the test?

read more › As a professional, people want to see you and your business in the flesh, sometimes that isn't always as straight forward or viable as it may seem. Showcasing professionally captured photographs of you and your business can shine a whole new dimension on the way your business is perceived by your consumers. Perfect for your company website and social media accounts such as linked in. We can also document how you and your business operate on a daily basis, capturing you and your colleagues in action giving your consumer a visual insight into your business.

read more › No age restrictions apply for our photo ID services, Newborn passport photographs, Kids passport photographs, Adult passport photographs. Wheel chair access. Various colour background also available. We now supply a Digital ID Photo Code service for your online passport application for United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

read more › With years of experience in using image editing software, our editors can restore and repair your aged or damaged photographs, remove spots, scratches, creases and blemishes. We can sharpen your blurred images and level the colour and contrast to perfection. Our photographic restoration services range from a basic correction to intricate restoration depending on the amount of time and effort needed to fully restore your photograph(s) which in turn will define the cost of this service. Along with this we can provide you with a digital copy of your photograph(s) on CD so that your fully restored image will stay preserved for many years to come.

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