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Lifestyle Newborn and Family photography covering County Durham, Northumberland, Newcastle, Northumbria, Sunderland and beyond. I specialise in documenting newborn, baby and family lives with a storytelling vibe, want to know more about the lady behind the lens? You've read the book now watch the movie, when it comes to family memories why not have the lot!

We've been using Fran to photograph our family for almost 4 years - Her talent is undeniable and her work is literally in every room of our house! After a session I come away feeling like she'd struggle to find a nice photo as the kids have not behaved But, once invited to the viewing the photos she's managed to capture are amazing and I can never choose the best ones!

We always love and want them all! I've just picked up the newborn album for our latest addition and again, so grateful for the way she's captured our baby and saved the memories for us in an amazing album. The session itself was really relaxed and being in our own home was perfect for us as a camera-shy couple!

read more › So then, "who am I"? While that mystical question has long been the sole preserve of 21-year-olds off finding themselves at the bottom of their backpacks in Thailand, or middle-aged blokes discovering themselves in the rear-view mirror of a vintage sports car, I too am sat here attempting to answer that same question. Though rather than a backpack brimming with tie-die, you will find me wielding a camera bag bursting with lenses, and instead of cruising in a sports car, you'll find me bouncing down the pothole-ridden roads in my vintage camper van -Velma.

read more › You don't want to pose to remember your family, you want to remember your children exactly as they were. You don't want to have to use bribery and corruption to get them to sit still in a studio. Having been a mum and now a Franma ( glamorous granny ) us oldies will tell you constantly that time will go, and it does, before you know it, they have grown and have children of their own, and the whole cycle starts again. My job is to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, to collect those every day smiles and even tantrums in a creative and fun way, for as cliche as it sounds, they are priceless!

read more › So whether you are expecting your first baby or the newest member of your growing family, me and my trusty camera can be there with you to tell the story of those early days. Those bleary-eyed days filled with exhausted excitement, soft cuddle toys, and a little person who's changing by the second. I always recommend booking a session when your baby is only a couple of weeks old i.e. when they're brand new. This is when they're at their most dainty and delicate, and it's such a special stage that's so short-lived.

read more › There's no greater plot twist than the arrival of a new character. Nine months of anticipation culminate in the arrival of that tiny tummy twister, who all of a sudden you can't imagine life without. One of my favourite stories to tell is maternity and newborn photography. As a mother myself I know just how magical that time is, and also how quickly it passes. Nothing can ever replicate that twinge in your tummy, or the smell of that soft skin, and sight of those tiny toes, but capturing those details on camera can preserve the memory of them for years to come.

read more › Every time I meet with my families I'm fascinated by the unique dynamics between them - their similarities and differences in both looks and personality, but also how they interact with one another. I've lost count of how many times families have seen characteristics and traits from a photograph that they'd never noticed in person. Many of my families treat these sessions as an annual event. Like measuring your child's height and marking it on a kitchen wall, photographs are a great way to chart changes.

read more › The session fee is required to secure your booking, and includes 1-2 hours of photography time either in your home or out on location. If you would like any help with style/setting then I can provide plenty of inspiration. Plus I have sourced various lovely products to best showcase your images, all off which are responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly, which is something I am deeply passionate about. I will let you digest all the information and then get back to your personally in 24-48 hours.

read more › As the saying goes, I've read the book watched the movie and bought the T-shirt, when it comes to family memories why not have the lot! Film is now a new service I'm offering, and an absolute perfect accompaniment to your family photographs. Something we hadn't considered before talking to Fran was the video aspect of the shoot. We weren't sure about how well this would add to the excellent photos we were expecting and were hardly aware of her actually filming during the shoot. We were amazed to receive a 3-minute video, capturing moments we had no idea were being filmed!

read more › So, you can now book your very own newborn lifestyle photography shoot! And I'm already taking bookings for March and April, so please get in touch soon to secure your preferred date! A newborn lifestyle photoshoot is a way of capturing stunning baby and family portraits in the comfort of your own home. I visit your house, or any other local venue of your choice, and spend two hours with you to take unposed photographs which document the natural moments in your daily life. Parents, if you're after some stunning newborn baby portraits but aren't a fan of the 'sleeping baby in basket' type setups, then this is a great option for you.

read more › Cheshire Family Photographer Meet the Jackson Family, They were a few years over due on family portraits, especially as they now have a 'teenager' in the midst. Relaxed, fun, candid family photography session held in and around County Durham, Durham, Newcastle, Northumberland, Northumbria, Sunderland and beyond. I believe that so many great lessons have been learned during the course of this global pandemic. For all the worry, uncertainty, and sadly for some, great tragedy, that it has brought, it too has been a period of enlightenment.

read more › You'll also find me on Facebook and Instagram, sharing recent work as a newborn and family photographer. Do come over and find out what's new! Lifestyle & Documentary Newborn & Family photography covering County Durham, Durham, Newcastle, Northumberland, Northumbria, Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland and beyond.

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