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Spence Photography Fundamentally (and hopefully not surprisingly), we're in the business of taking portraits. The term "portrait" covers a lot of things, but in the context of what we show here, we're talking about "social photography". That's portraits of people, families and pets (for non-commercial purposes). We shoot lots of commercial work for businesses and professional purposes, but that's not what we're about here.

Hopefully, you're here because you've seen our images, love our work and want to have our images of you for yourselves. Not because you're price shopping and just "kicking the tyres". Not everyone will be our customer. We're ok with that. We don't offer a cheap service (it's all relative though). We consider customer relationship, experience and service to be as important as the photography (and the products we deliver).

Not everyone has those same values - that's fine. We will invest all the time we need to give you the service and experience you deserve. It doesn't matter how much you spend.

read more › I know it can sometimes be intimidating being in front of the camera, so I'll do everything I can to make it relaxed and enjoyable for you. I want you enjoy the experience and to come back to me again and again (but there's no rush, and I won't pester you!). I have my own style and use my own imagination - I just don't shoot high key studio portraits against a white background. I don't shoot with gimmicks or a lot of props. I won't ask you to jump about or stand on your head - we'll relax, have fun and take some great photographs.

read more › Recognised as one of Scotland's leading studio photographers, Barrie specialises in portraiture, especially for his award-winning dog portraits. Barrie's work is often immediately recognisable for his clean and subtle use of light and a simple, elegant, uncomplicated style. While Barrie has an Instagram presence (@barriespence), Barrie's work is not a product of the filters and presets common to so many Instagram photographers. As a change of career (or mid-life crisis), Barrie opened his studio in the East Pavilion of Blackburn House (Seafield, West Lothian) in the summer of 2011.

read more › Nobody is dafter than Barrie when we have dogs in the studio. It doesn't take long before he's on the floor getting to know them. Sessions should take about an hour, but they are rarely that short because he will have made friends and is having fun. When there are dogs in the studio the focus is on the dogs and you're likely to be a little neglected (sorry, not sorry). You will probably book a session based on our portfolio of images, but those portfolio images aren't your dog. To be realistic, it's highly unlikely your dog will reproduce a portfolio image you've seen and loved.

read more › Pregnancy is your most special time and a maternity photoshoot is a great way to remember it. Magic is happening and maybe you can't quite believe it: as each day passes, your own personal miracle is growing. Show off the beauty of your bump in a unique and artistic way. It might be a single image or it could be a classic and elegant maternity photo collection presented to suit you. It's about you. Visit us at our studio to discuss your ideas and what you want from your bump shoot. Don't leave it too late though - bumps are at their photographic best in the last few weeks of your pregnancy (typically after 32 weeks).

read more › We know it's a hectic time with new babies (though hopefully not too stressful). But it's also such a special time in your life. That little face. The eyes. The curious expressions. The tiny little fingers and toes. They are all unique and unforgettable and like all the big events, it's important to celebrate this and preserve the memories with some great photographs of your baby. But nothing quite beats a quality professional image though and we will capture your baby's innocence in a collection of stunning photographs which you will treasure forever.

read more › It seems that every day, your children are changing before your eyes. Their innocence, their joyfulness, their wonderful unpredictability: these things are precious. With our child and family photography, you will have the pleasure of knowing that these magical moments are captured forever - in a series of photographs which depicts all of their unique and wonderful personalities. That special smile. The boundless energy. The excitement, optimism and fun of childhood. We're experienced in capturing all of those fleeting moments in an artistic and attractive way which you - and your children - will love.

read more › You appreciate the finer things in life, so you know it's worth going for the best. Your home, your car, your clothes: they all say something about you, something you're proud of. Imagine owning a truly original piece of photographic art. The pleasure you will get from looking at you and your family captured expertly for all eternity. With a portrait from Spence Photography, you have the chance to own something special: a photograph which you know has had all my years of experience and eye for artistry infused into the picture.

read more › You are beautiful (even if you don't know or believe it) and you shouldn't hesitate to celebrate that. You might justify the experience as a present for your partner, but a boudoir photo shoot is really about you (so revel in it!). Let us capture your beauty in a unique and elegant boudoir or nude photograph - where you are the work of art. What we shoot is for you - a suggestion of the sensual; a tasteful glimpse of your seductive glamour; a hint of your alluring mystique. Perhaps the focus is on a part of your body, wrapped seductively in an exotic item of clothing.

read more › You are your brand and your image is your brand - that's true for so many professionals now. Whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or even your own or a corporate website, your image needs to represent you and your brand - and not many brands are well served by a camera phone snap as your profile image. Let us apply our expertise to providing a strong, quality business portrait to represent you as your brand. You can choose from a casual look to business formal (or both) - you know your business and how you want to be seen.

read more › First impressions matter - as a performer, your head shot is likely to be the first image a casting director sees on your CV or on Spotlight. While a good head shot might not land you the role, a bad head shot won't even get you to the casting. This is the primary image you present to the professional world and it does count - you will be judged on that head shot. You want to be noticed, but for the right reasons not because your head shot is simply bad. We don't aim to sell you loads of images - just two or three great ones - because why would you want to show anything other than a great image?

read more › As with your head shot, your dance portfolio images probably won't land you a role on their own, but poor images could cost you the casting and the chance to audition. Like a showreel, dance portfolio images are an investment in your career. Capturing a great dance image can take time, so we don't rush our sessions. Achieving the final image takes time and patience, but to make it easier we transfer images to the studio computer as we shoot so we can periodically review the shots as we go (letting you tweak your moves).

read more › We can't promise you anything exciting for a passport or visa photograph (that's simply not allowed in the rules for biometric passport images) and we can't compete on price with a photo booth. What we can offer when you visit our photography studio in West Lothian is an image that you don't hate (as a passport photo we can't promise you'll love it!), a pleasant experience and a little social interaction you won't get from a high street photo booth. For children, bringing them to our studio might be so much less stressful for you than trying to get them to cooperate in a photo booth.

read more › We want to buck the recent trend for digital images. We want you to hang our images on your walls where they are seen every day. Photographs are about memories and memories don't really belong on a disk or memory stick hiding at the back of a drawer (or transiently shown on Facebook and then forgotten about). Selecting the right end product is important and the choice could be almost limitless. Rather than swamp you with choices, we offer a select range of premium products from local suppliers.

read more › The studio is the East Pavilion of Blackburn House - located between Seafield and Blackburn in West Lothian. It's approximately 5-10 minutes drive from the M8 (junctions 3, 3A or 4 are all convenient). Approaching from Whitburn/Blackburn/Bathgate/M8 J4, drive all the way through Blackburn towards Livingston and take the first turn on the right as you enter the 30mph zone for Seafield. From the Seafield side (Livingston and M8 J3 & J3A), take the last turn on the left just before the 40mph zone as you leave Seafield - the first road is sign-posted as the sewage works, take the second road after the last house on the left - there is a sign for Blackburn House Equestrian Centre.

read more › Some subjects really suit black and white, others simply work better in colour - it's your choice though (but don't ask for "colour popping" or "selective colour"). Our personal preferences for colour or black and white don't limit the choices we can offer you - the service is about providing you with images you love. All digital images require some degree of post-processing, but that doesn't necessarily imply retouching in Photoshop. As to the question of image manipulation and retouching in Photoshop, the answer is yes, we use Photoshop, but as little as possible and only as much as we need to.

read more › Following on from success at the Scottish Salon, both Barrie & Fiona gained acceptances in the 155th Edinburgh Salon of Photography 2017. This is run by the Edinburgh Photographic Society and the exhibition is held at the Society premises in Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh Festival. Unike other salons, Edinburgh International Salon only accepts as many entries as they can display in the main hall (which is 202 entries). In the Colour Print category, Barrie once again had an acceptance for his art nude called 'Couch Potato'.

read more › We don't usually toot our own horns, but then again we don't enter that many competitions really. However, we were both delighted to attend the 94th Scottish International Salon of Photography 2017 award ceremony last Saturday. This is run by the Scottish Photographic Federation (SPF). President of the SPF, Hunter Kennedy was there to hand out awards and kept us amused with the banter between him and Libby Smith. Barrie picked up his SPF Gold Medal for Best Scottish Resident in the Colour Print category (one of six possible categories) for his art nude entitled 'Couch Potato'.

read more › Our good friend and award-winning photographer, Louise Sumner returns with The Fairy Experience for three days in May (Friday 19th - Sunday 21st). This makes her seventh return visit (and first visit of 2017). The Fairy Experience is only available for these three days, so you have a very limited opportunity to join us to create some wonderful fantasy portraits of your kids in our land of make-believe. Online booking is now available for this visit of The Fairy Experience. Further details of the event and ability to select and book sessions online is available from this All about The Fairy Experience page.

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