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Casablanca Photography Casablanca Photography has a team of professional wedding photographers who are all based near Newcastle and specialise in contemporary wedding and portrait photography. Our style is relaxed, fun and spontaneous, producing the most stunning results. When you choose your wedding photographer its important to make sure you feel comfortable with the person who is going to be taking your photos and our team are always here to answer any questions you have.

We want all our clients to feel relaxed and safe in the knowledge that their big day will be remembered forever in some truly amazing photographs. We are proud to say that Casablanca produces its very own range of designer wedding storybooks. We can create a wedding photography album which we carefully design to be truly unique. Our wedding photography albums are something to cherish for a lifetime and can capture your special day forever.

A wedding storybook is more than just an album of photos, it is a moment captured forever in a book that tells a beautiful story about a very special day.

We get our inspiration for our photography from every person, object, event, dog or cat we have photographed and strive to work better and harder with each day that passes us by. Photography is our life. You could even say that it is our secret to staying young (at heart). We never let a special moment pass without capturing it. We turn every funny

If you feel that none of these packages would suit you, please contact us and we can provide you a special quote for the services you require. 20 page (10"x10") Hardbound Digital Storybook Album with a Special Cover Design using your Wedding Photos. 40 page (11"x14") Hardbound Digital Storybook Album with a Special Cover Design using your Wedding Photos

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