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Will Reddaway Wedding Photography A Devon wedding photographer, passionate about weddings & documenting them in a professional and discreet way. For me, photographing weddings is not just about aesthetics - the perfect angle, the perfect lighting and timing. It's equally about emotion, atmosphere, personality and telling a story. I want every photo to look awesome but they should also have an honest, personal touch.

I want to capture the unique moments of your wedding with photographs that bring back the emotions of your special day. I believe good wedding photography is about telling your story & producing photos that bring back the emotions of the day. I love wedding photography that is intimate and tells an authentic story of your wedding day. Capturing your day, with each image adding to a final story of your wedding that has truly been shaped by you.

I offer informal, contemporary and documentary style wedding photography in Devon and the South West of England; aiming to record your wedding day in a manner that encapsulates your characters, so that your final album brings back your intimate, once in a lifetime experience.

I'm a Devon wedding photographer based in South Devon. I love capturing images that tell an authentic story and capture the raw emotions of a wedding day. I have a massive love for people, the sea, music, surfing and taking great images. I am hugely into my music, with a growing collection of guitars and the same could be said about my surfboard collection

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