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Richard Skins Photography Hello, my name is Richard Skins and I'm a UK wedding photographer based in Bournemouth covering destination weddings throughout the UK and Europe. If I turn the clock back ten years, this is something I never thought I would be doing, but I'm glad life has taken me in this direction as I believe it's the best job in the world, well for me anyway. I feel fortunate to have a career which allows me to pursue my love of photography, and use it to capture one of the happiest days two people can share!

You're probably in the middle of planning your wedding, or you simply enjoy photography, either way, I'm happy you have made it on my site today. Below you'll find some of my favourite weddings that I've had the pleasure of photographing, and I'm sure there is something you will love. If you're getting married, then please get in touch, as it would be great to hear all about you and what you have planned for the day.

With so many types of photography out there, you might be slightly confused about what is right for you.

read more › Why is that so, I hear you ask? Well, I've always enjoyed people watching, like when you're at the arrival area of an airport waiting for your family, and you see all the other people nervously waiting and then showing delight and love as they see the person walk through the gate. Weddings are very similar with all that emotion, and I feel lucky to be able to document these times. I studied film-making at the Northern Film School, so this has definitely contributed to how I have developed my style of photography over the years.

read more › Richard exceeded our expectations in every way. We were SO pleased with our wedding photos, they were exactly what we could of hoped for and more. The way Richard captures the emotion and fun of the day without being intrusive is incredible. We were both quite worried about having our pictures taken, but we didn't feel shy or embarrassed on the day as Richard spent time to find out what we wanted beforehand and captured the day in a beautiful yet candid way. Receiving the photos back and being able to relive the day was amazing and is well worth every penny.

read more › I can imagine how stressful planning a wedding can be, so I've tried to keep my packages as simple as possible with only three to chose from. There is one for larger weddings which includes a second photographer, fast delivery & a host of fine-art albums. A 12-hour coverage package with a luxury print/ USB box; and finally a package tailored for smaller intimate weddings. To book my services, all you will need to do is pay a 20% retainer for the date and to fill out an online contract. I try and meet all couples at least once before the wedding, but if this is not possible, then I'm always available by phone, email or Skype.

read more › I absolutely love my job, so after a while, it felt very natural to try and combine it with seeing more of the world. I've been enjoying documenting weddings across Europe for the past few years now. So far they have taken me across the sublime region of the Dordogne in France. The simple stunning Tuscany in Italy. The breathtaking Lake Bled in Slovenia, and the sun-drenched valleys of northern Portugal to name but a few; I'm now addicted. It can be more challenging if I'm very truthful, but I embrace a challenge, and it makes my job more exciting.

read more › I've been doing couple & engagement shoots for over ten years now, and I still get a buzz to document two people in love. Compared to weddings where you sometimes have limited time, during a couple session, we can really explore a mixture of locations together. I personally don't like having my photograph taken so I completely can relate to when one or both of a couple don't enjoy it either. This is why I've created a host of tricks to get people comfortable and laughing with each other as quickly as possible.

read more › I want to capture the day as it was with all the laughter, love and everything in-between!. As a documentary wedding photographer, my idea of wedding photography is not your usual looking straight at the camera formal style. I'll photograph all the excitement and even some of the nerves. I want to show precisely how the day was! So expect me early on, when everyone is buzzing around getting ready or ticking things off their 'to do' list. When your dad or mum comes through the door to see you in your wedding dress for the first time, I'll be there.

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