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Hi my name is Wisam Hasan and I am a Business and Process Improvement consultant by trade. Few years back I woke up one morning craving for a camera, don't know why but I felt like I have to get a good camera so I bought my first half decent second hand bridge camera which was a Nikon Coolpix5700, it cost me 75 from eBay.

During the following year I had great time experimenting with this nice camera taking interesting photographs, time pass by, the camera broke so bought another second hand one, then another then a lens then another then few accessories, then some more accessories.By now I think I am taking some decent photographs and every time I take a good photograph I fall in love with photography all over again.

Now what's next? To turn my passion for photography into a business. I'm doing this gradually, one free photo-shoot at a time to build up a portfolio which would allow me to start charging for my time and equipment. So if you are in need of photographer for a Wedding, an Event, family portrait, personal portrait, property photograph, Model portfolio or any situations when you want to capture the moment get in contact and let's talk details.

read more › LB was the star of the show during this Photo-shoot, she helped me set up the right lighting and was brilliant in following instruction, I felt like I had to spend extra time retouching her portrait to reword her but I didn't need to, it took me short period of time to get her portrait as I want. When taking a portrait of a Lady you should be very careful how to process it, in this case I was very lucky because KN here is already gorgeous and I didn't need to take more than very few shots to settle on this one, post processing took less than 5 mins to make the final version, I guess I was lucky.

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