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Samantha Davis Photography I'm the one who gets to show your story, the best people in it and the magic moments that will blow your socks off! Sam, we knew the photos would be special but we honestly have been blown away by how you have captured our wedding day. There is not one image we do not love. What can I say! You know i'm not one to blub but I really did need those tissues to watch your slideshow.

Watching these has literally felt like we have relived our wedding day all over again and I can not thank you enough for what an amazing job you have done. You are honestly AMAZING! Thank you ever so much for all of our lovely photos - we absolutely loved watching our bespoke slideshow, it completely makes it! We are so happy with them. From feeling a bit emotional to absolutely howling at some of the pictures, our week has definitely been made!

Every single one of those images is so beautiful. I honestly can't believe how talented you are and we have both said that we know 100% we picked the right photographer for our perfect day.

I take beautiful, natural photographs for fun and relaxed couples across the UK and beyond!. I'm super relaxed, I bring out the real you because I'm the real me. If you believe that you should be comfy having your photo taken then you're in the right place my friend. It's not just about taking a great picture, it's how someone makes you feel. I want

I would LOVE to hear about the plans for your big day so do get in touch for a gorgeous brochure! Tell me about yourselves, how you met, your favourite place, anything that tells me more about YOU! If you are looking for a family photographer then tell me about your favourite people and how they make you smile. I love to hear as much about you as I

Well lovely people - the first thing you should know about me is that I shoot in a very relaxed way. I really like to have a giggle with my clients! I treat all of my clients as friends and I find that when people are comfortable - they let their guards down. That's when the real magic happens! For over 13 years I've had the most incredible people find

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