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Paul Worpole Photography When you work as a consultant you are only as good as the talent you surround yourself with. Photography plays a key part in many of my projects and Paul delivers for me every time. He has endless patience, takes images beyond the brief with a keen eye for detail and a real flair for the unusual. Paul's also great fun to work with and I would (and do) highly recommend him!

We have worked with Paul on a number of big projects and we keep going back. Paul's ability to understand what we want and come up with innovative concepts to portray what we do is outstanding. Professional, reliable, high quality work. We at EA Technology would highly recommend Paul Worpole Photography. Paul did a great for us. I'm not a great fan of being photographed but with Paul it was a breeze and the results were stunning.

Professional attitude, putting people at ease and focused on a great result. We brought Paul in to capture the 'moments on the day' at one of our national Field Sales conferences. With nearly 180 people moving around Paul still managed to get the essence of the day as well as give each and every guest a photo memory of their time there.

read more › Paul Worpole is a full time freelance commercial photographer who specialises in portrait, commercial and industrial photography. With over 12 years of professional photography experience his clients range from various industries including: food, banking, actors agents, shoe manufacturers, medical, engineering, design and technology, ad agencies, magazines, publishing companies, celebrities and non-profit organisations. He counts himself very lucky being allowed behind the scenes, working with companies on prototypes and coming from a background of design allows him to talk direct with a marketing team - to take the concepts from a rough thumbnail sketch on the back of an envelope to final image.

read more › Commercial Photography - simply put, is creating images that will be used for business: sales, brochures, products, magazines, online marketing and merchandising - even portraits, if they are going to be used in campaigns that ultimately business will result from. All of the images on the day are usually delivered electronically to you direct within 24 hours in a small file format for you to choose from. Your chosen images then get "polished and tweaked" in post production and delivered usually within 5 working days on a CD / DVD or memory stick at full resolution of 300 dpi - suitable for printing purposes as well as the website.

read more › Product photography is an accurate representation of a product, shown in the best possible way. Product photography can not only show what they eye cannot ordinarily see, but will increase the perceived value of the product!. Applications for Product photography can be seen in both catalogues, magazines and of course online where high quality images can evoke an emotion. Although I am a Cheshire based product photographer with easy reach of Manchester and Liverpool one of the services that I offer is my mobile studio, where I can set up a full working studio in your factory or place of work to create photographs of products that cannot be moved anywhere in the UK.

read more › Industrial photography - simply put, images of systems, processes within a workplace environment, this could be a factory or out in the field, where you may install or maintain a product. From a client's point of view, I totally understand that time is money and the last thing you want is the workforce taking time out for photography. However, we take images when people are completely involved in their job for total realism, we find that working around them keeps it authentic. Clients include: BBC, Royal Opera House, Nestle, RAF, Brompton Bikes, Jubilee Clips, Crockett and Jones, Hutchinson Engineering.

read more › Portrait Photography - no matter what size your company is or which industry you work in, a professional portrait will make all the difference!. Portrait photography, for the purpose of this website, fall into three categories: Actor Headshots - Business Portraits and Staff Headshots. Yes, even "Barry from accounts" has a personality and that's what you need to show! By placing the subject on appropriate backdrops and with the use of effective lighting and poses, you can get beautifully lit photographs that are dynamic.

read more › Always chat with your agent about what they are looking for from your actor headshot session, they generally have a great eye for what works and what doesn't. Also they may have you lined up for the next gritty Northern drama and you turn up in your Sunday best. Of course, I can chat with your agent about what they are looking for and what future acting parts they would like to put you up for. This will give me a 'rough' brief for the day of the shoot and what to avoid. It's a solid two hour shoot with as many outfit changes as you need and most of the male actors will arrive with a beard, then shave for a completely different look.

read more › Business Portraits or Corporate Haedshots tend to be for either the individual MD, CEO, owner of the company or top tier of staff. Most commonly these are often used for magazine publications nationally or industry specific and can really help define your business and its values. If you or your designer have a specific brief it makes its so much easier on the day to create something targeted for your needs. Naturally I am more than happy to talk direct to the publication or designer to get a better feel for what they are trying to achieve.

read more › Staff headshots can be huge fun if handled correctly and really help define the company and its values. Do make sure that a room is available with a plug socket for the photographer that has a little privacy for the person. No one likes being jeered at from their colleagues. Do tell the staff. We are all adults and don't like being kept in the dark. Having a surprise of a photographer turning up is not the best way to engage staff - trust me!. Do tell them the reasons why their staff shots are required and to dress appropriately.

read more › The images involved in advertising photography tend to use a much broader brushstroke than say, commercial or portrait photography. Advertising photography tends to pull on various imagery genre, including concepts, products, lifestyles and maybe a mixture of all of them. How this is interpreted will depend on the individual photographer, along with any designers resulting in a wider creative scope. You can have images mixed with graphics, even out of focus and they work!. Small resolution files are usually delivered electronically within 24 hours for you to choose from.

read more › Brochure photography is pretty self explanatory as to the type of photography. Essentially it's an informative document, either paper or digital that's used to promote a company service or product. Despite digital downloads, the tactile quality of a well produced brochure can still be extremely effective. You can read it anywhere at any time. For me, to create really outstanding brochure photography, I find that working in conjunction with both designers and copywriters can have a focused attitude to the overall goal.

read more › For me the essential elements at getting some great Public Relations photography are as follows. Props are often underused and can boost an interest in a dull shoot, please have them handy!. Other than the client, is anyone else involved for example, a member of public or a celebrity. If so it's worth getting a model release form signed or checking with their agent regarding the use of the images. This will reduce both surprise and disappointment on the day!. Unusual locations can really add an additional dynamic element to Public Relations photography, but please make sure you have permission if needed and that's its accessable!.

read more › Whilst copywriters can spend many hours creating punchy headlines and tightening the copy, it's always the image that people will look to first. For good or bad, as humans we are hard wired for facial recognition. This is why so many editorials will have a human as a leading image. Who remembers the National Geographic cover with the Afghan Girl with green eyes on the front cover? Or Marilyn Monroe's dress blowing up over a New York subway, even Einstein sticking his tongue out? For me, one of the most essential elements of any photographic project starts with strategy or a briefing session with the client.

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