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Middlebrook Media We are media professionals that provide beautiful video and photographic services for businesses. Our work can drive sales through professional video production, photography and unmanned aerial drone services. Our Media Services provide a cost effective solution that produces results, aimed at connecting clients with their targeted audience. It is our goal for our clients' demographic to act on what they see.

Corporate Video Production is a powerful tool for conveying messages, teaching and to bring trust to customers. Our Video Production process guides our clients carefully through the strategy behind their videos to ensure the highest level of project success. Corporate Photography is a very effective way to visually compliment print or static documents.

We pride ourselves on having an eye for detail, ensuring everything in frame is there to enhance the message being delivered. Using Motion Graphics we create objects & scenes that would otherwise be impractical to film or photograph.

read more › We are Middlebrook Media - a corporate visual media company based in Worcestershire, providing professional services with an emphasis on creative thinking. We are passionate about media production and work hard to provide a product that we, and our clients, are proud of. Our multi-disciplined team of professionals work to provide our clients with content that will help communicate ideas, and products more directly with consumers and other businesses. We produce a range of multimedia content from video, and photography, to graphic design, and animation, that engages target audiences and achieves goals in a creative and efficient manner.

read more › Video is a powerful platform for connecting with an audience, communicating services, and illustrating a company's brand. We appreciate that every company and demographic requires a unique approach, we tailor our bespoke service to the client, breaking down the production process with milestones and review points, and providing guidance into strategy and reach. The power of utilising video on digital platforms, or alongside marketing campaigns, is no mystery. Social media algorithms are designed to direct their audience towards video content, appreciating the higher engagement rate that video has over standalone text.

read more › Corporate video provides a connection between a company and audience, and is an excellent platform on which to deliver their message and stand out from competitors. Social media is another valuable digital platform where videos are boosted to a wider audience, creating a direct line of communication with potential customers. A corporate video is not a paint by numbers, and every company requires a unique approach. This can include interviews or a scripted narrative, real life documentation or studio filmed scenes.

read more › With a new product or service being launched, or requiring a drive in sales, a promotional video is the ideal accompaniment to any marketing strategy. Not only does the video announce the launch, but it enables demonstration of the product's features and why customers need it. Static text or standalone images can't always establish the dynamics of a product or service. Video has the ability to showcase the unique qualities of a product or service to an audience, demonstrating its necessity on a global digital platform.

read more › Process Documentary is our bespoke service of video capturing projects or processes, such as renovations or production assembly, with an output that can spectacle the intricate details of a project, or collapse month-long processes into short captivating videos. The benefit of video is that lengthy processes can become powerful and engaging short content for demonstrating projects to existing clients, training staff, and new customers. Highlighting a process, through video, demonstrates the company's expertise and capability more than a written testimonial, it shows the audience exactly what the company can do, and how well they do it.

read more › Video is an excellent tool to enhance training experience, boost engagement for online e-learning, and enable contact with what would be an unsafe environment, in a safe space. Our training and e-learning video options are a powerful way to engage with audiences both online and in person. The use of video ensures that each training or e-learning delivery contains all the necessary information without the chance of steps being missed. They can also act as excellent additions to a live teaching environment, providing a shift in pace and allowing breaks for the speaker.

read more › Photography provides strong visual impact as a standalone product, or to compliment print or digital text. We provide bespoke photography services bringing synergy between company branding and imagery, priding ourselves on our eye for detail, adaptability and expertise in realisation. Our range of photography services have been designed by working with companies across multiple industry sectors, and enable our clients to strongly communicate their brand and products to their audience. Photography is extremely effective in both print and digital, and we understand that both these formats, and platforms within these, require different approaches to output.

read more › Architecture & Facilities Photography is our bespoke photography service designed to best capture new or existing business premises or larger immovable equipment. This service is an excellent way to capture new or improved office spaces, or simply to update older, existing imagery, ideal when letting or selling a location. For companies based at a particular site, it enables customers to connect with their company through the space, moving something intangible such as a company name into the physical.

read more › We provide product photography services, outputting high resolution for web and print formats. Big or small, our photography studio can capture products from car installations to electrical components using macro lenses. We can also come to you, with our versatile location equipment we've photographed in remote landscapes to city high rises. Our studio space enables us the freedom to manipulate lighting, fine tune angles and build bespoke sets to produce the best quality imagery of our clients' products.

read more › Our Team and Personnel Photography service captures staff headshots for both internal and external use. Photographing a team for online and print provides a company with friendly faces, breaking down the corporate barrier and building consumer trust. When photographing our clients we spend the time to capture their brand and personality, with live monitors previewing imagery for instant review. Our portable studio setup enables us to bring backdrops and lighting to our clients, allowing us to work to our clients' schedule and reduce work disruption.

read more › Motion Graphics engage and incite through digital objects and scenes that cannot be captured in the real world. We combine 2D and 3D computer generated elements in a variety of services, as well as offering immersive viewing technologies for interactive projects. Motion Graphics enables our clients to visualise concepts, products and architecture through 3D Modelling, Animated Corporate Video and Virtual and Augmented Reality. We are always keen to be at the precipice of digital media and to push its boundaries through innovative and creative products.

read more › At the forefront of technology is our virtualisation service, that brings architectural designs and sketches to life, in 3D and 360°. Being able to visualise an unbuilt structure or environment is invaluable during the development process. We bring plans and designs to life through high definition renders or virtual reality, VR. This technology allows our clients to experience the digitised structure before beginning the build process. VR is a fully immersive experience of a 3D environment.

read more › 2D animated corporate videos are an excellent way to explain a service or product without using live action footage. Using illustrated and computer generated content we create powerful graphic video that compliments corporate branding and styling. There are multiple benefits of using motion graphics over live action footage. We understand that not every company is customer facing and many do business over the phone or using online automated services. How can you film a service that is not "visible"?

read more › 3D Modelling enables our clients to realise their creations in an accurate 3D form ready for animation, 3D printing, or online visualisation. Creating an object or scene in three dimensional space gives our clients an accurate representation of how the finalised product will come together, whether replicating a true life object or digitally realising a concept from sketches and designs. Our software is millimetre accurate, making our models ideal for concept development. 3D modelling enables concepts and solutions to be trialed without the cost and time of producing them in the real world.

read more › CAA-approved Aerial Drone services enable video, photography and ground mapping from unique perspectives and locations otherwise unreachable. With advanced drones and dual-operated controls, we can capture dynamic, inspiring visuals at 4K from 300 feet. The imagery achieved by drones is an excellent way to bring the audience away from the action to give a much more powerful sense of scale and to highlight the beauty of a location. This can also be an excellent way to capture overhead imagery of larger scenes without the need for cranes or rigging.

read more › 3D Surface Mapping utilises drone imagery to create a 3D textured terrain. Using a drone, rather than ground based methods, is an efficient and accurate way to map large areas of land quickly. High resolution aerial-derived maps are valuable when visually assessing large regions of archaeological, agricultural or architectural interest. They allow our clients to identify anomalies and areas of focus, whilst avoiding ground level hazards. We can ensure ground level accuracy by taking height measurements at suitable intervals then verify these heights in our ground generation software.

read more › Using a drone as a platform we use high definition cameras to carry out inspections and identify issues on buildings or equipment that is not easy or safe for personnel to access. Using a live video feed, personnel on the ground can view images live as they are captured to assess and issue further instruction to drone operators. By using Drones for Survey and Inspections, it negates the need for scaffold purely for assessing. It also documents evidence of damage, where any exists, in high definition for client documentation.

read more › Hire our fully equipped Bredon view studio space for all shoot types from product promotion to automotive campaign. Based in rural Worcestershire just 10 minutes from junction 6 of the M5 this space is a fantastic environment to escape the stresses of the office and focus on capturing creativity. Our studio is equipped with both video and photography in mind with access to both Flash lighting for photography and continuous lighting for video production. We encourage and can cater for larger room sets and can assist with the design and creation if required.

read more › Video is an extremely powerful way to get a message across to potential customers, It is also much more eye catching than words on a screen and, when done well, can keep the attention of the audience for the duration. When correctly implemented on a website, video can improve web rankings and retention rates of visitors to the page. The best way to improve reach with a video is to make use of available platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin as this will reach a wider audience - and they're free.

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