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I could not be happier with the photos Will took for us. They looked amazing, he was very professional during the whole process of booking to the day. We have a large family and this did not put Will off taking these photos, he managed to keep his cool trying to get everyone over for the photos. Thank you Will for the most amazing photos, if I get married again I'll book you for that one too!

Incredible, exciting, original, open-minded, daring, professional, polite, gets involved, one of the guests and massively passionate, I would say these are only a few words to describe you as a photographer. I am so happy you experienced our day and captured our wedding day so well. We couldn't thank you enough! What can I say? I think I had only one regret after our wedding and that was that we didn't video the ceremony.

However, as soon as we got our photos back, it was clear that we didn't need it. Somehow, Will had managed to capture the essence of our guests, their mannerisms, facial expressions and feelings as well as the whole atmosphere of the weekend.

read more › Hey there, I'm Will! I'm best described as a professional wedding photographer based in Surrey, UK, but also available for weddings all around the world. I picked up my first camera (borrowed from my Grandad) aged 3 and from that point on all I wanted to do was become a photographer. Yep, that's a true story. Initially, I wanted to be a big advertising photographer but somewhere along that journey I totally fell into weddings and at some point, I found a true love for them. The point I knew weddings were for me were when I found out that with a camera in my hands I was able to meet someone I've never met before and within 10 minutes have them feel totally comfortable with me being there, know all their family's names and what their favourite food is.

read more › We all know that money can be an awkward conversation to have, so I've tried to keep this nice and simple. Instead of 6000 options and picking between the gold silver and turquoise package, I've put my thinking cap on and tried to make everything as simple as possible. If you're looking at this and thinking - "But I wonder if Will can do X" then do please get in touch, I try my best to be as accommodating as possible so I'd love to hear from you regardless!

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