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Mission Photography Studios The cube is for you if you are looking for something quirky and contemporary in your portrait photography and everyone who has been in the cube has said it's the most fun they've ever had in a portrait studio. During the shoot, you'll climb into the cube and get a variety of shots that capture your unique personality. The magic really happens when you combine the shots and create interactions between the cubes.

Parents listening to their kids going nuts in the cube next door. Passing something from one cube to another. It's like a crazy comic strip and its the latest trend in quirky family portraits. It's thinking inside the box photography. Every business needs high quality images for websites, social media and promotional materials. We know exactly the righ kind of images to collect because we are a business ourselves.

Let us make capturing your best image our business.

read more › It's 2017 and halfway through a wedding - while the couple enjoy their food - we're having a bite to eat ourselves and chatting about how much we enjoy working together. Having both had our own successful solo photography businesses for several years we realised that it's much more enjoyable working with a mate. In fact, we came to the conclusion that we enjoyed working together so much, and had been to so many weddings together, we decided it may be time to finally "tie the knot" ourselves and launch a new business.

read more › I'm sure, if your family is like mine, you have boxes full of photos, in cupboards, in albums maybe in the loft. When I was ten I went on a school trip to London and, as it was my first time away from home, I was let loose with my parent's camera, first roll of film and 24 shots to tell the story of the trip. After a few days of shooting landmarks and the antics of my friends, I was hooked. Ever since I have been taking pictures. I learned, even then, that photos are magical - they have the power to transport you back to a point in time, a special event in your life.

read more › For anyone who knows me, they'll know how passionate I am about being a photographer. After a lengthy career in the NHS, I knew I needed a change and completed a fine art degree in 2009 with a view to a working life outside the NHS. Photography was the obvious choice for me. I love looking back through old photos of generations gone by, one of my favourite pics is an old sepia photograph of my gran with my dad and his brothers and sister when they could barely have afforded shoes but had obviously spent the time and money dressing up and getting their photo taken.

read more › Hi I'm Zoe Campbell the latest addition to the Mission Studios team. I am a mam and dog owner to my 2 little rascals Grace & Millie. I have always lived in the North East of England with a love for documenting life through a lens, creating images that you and your family can enjoy looking back on for many years. Since becoming a parent back in 2011 realising how quickly our little ones grow, I believe investing in professional photographs is priceless as nothing is more warming to the heart than looking back at special memories we treasure as parents.

read more › We believe that you should know from the outset what you are going to pay for your photography. That's why we never offer special deals with hidden extras and add-ons. What we capture is what we deliver to you - edited and ready for you to share on social media, print, or add to an album. We'd love to invite you into our studio for a portrait sitting. Regardless of the type of portrait, our session fee is 50. This gets you the shoot and an opportunity to choose your favourite images. Once your images are selected we'll work out the pricing based on whether you want to receive digital files or printed wall-art.

read more › The most exciting part of our work as wedding photographers is the opportunity to tell a couple's wedding story. We have had the privilege of shooting weddings at some of the North East of England's most iconic venues and we work around Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, Northumberland, Cumbria and farther afield. For us the wedding photography journey starts with getting to know each other, we like to know what makes you tick as a couple, how and where you met, what is unique about you, your love and your life together.

read more › The most enjoyable part of our work as portrait photographers are the awesome people we meet. Despite being based in Washington Tyne & Wear - We have clients from all over North East of England. We are excited for you to come and visit our studio or we are happy to travel to Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, Northumberland, Cumbria and farther afield with our portable kits. Our aim is to make sure that your portrait captures and reflects your unique personality. We know that to achieve that you have to be totally comfortable in front of the camera.

read more › The most exciting part of our work as event photographers is the opportunity to tell your story. We have had the privilege of shoot events at some of the North East of England's most iconic venues around Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, Northumberland, Cumbria and farther afield. For us, the event photography journey starts with getting to know each client's unique needs. Our aim is to make sure that the photography captures the essence of the event and reflects every detail that makes your event unique.

read more › People often ask if we do commercial work. The answer is a definite yes and we apply the same attention to detail as we do for other things that we shoot. We have covered corporate events, been part of public relations campaigns and product launches across the North East of England. As we do lots of work for schools and other organisations we have full CRB coverage, third party liability and professional indemnity insurance. Our day to day business at Mission Photography Studios is all about storytelling.

read more › We pride ourselves on giving our clients the best possible service and that journey starts here. We're excited to hear about your requirements and how we can work with you to realise your vision. Mission Photography Studios are a Wedding, Portrait and Commercial photography company located in Washington Tyne & Wear minutes away from the A1 and A19.

read more › As well as being professional photographers Steve and Mark are also photography trainers. There's nothing we like more than helping people to use their kit more effectively. We have a range of courses introducing beginners to what they can achieve with their DSLRs. We like to keep things nice and simple but give you the knowledge you need to truly master your kit. We can cover everything from making use of natural light, working with a model, off-camera flash and studio techniques. Making a great image doesn't end in the camera though and Mark is also an Adobe certified trainer and can deliver courses in using Photoshop and Lightroom.

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