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Are you planning your wedding? Are you looking for School Photographer who takes great kids' pictures? Or perhaps your looking for the perfect family portrait? Whatever photography service you need, we can help. Family First Photography is a family run, Northampton based photography company. We offer both a studio and a mobile service. Whether you're looking for a photographer for your family, your school, nursery, group, club or for your wedding, we'll create perfect pictures at a fair, affordable price.

We're different. With us, you'll get a hassle-free, no-rush, creative, fun experience. We'll put you in the front seat. You'll choose the style of photograph you want. We'll put you and your fellow subjects at their ease, capturing you looking your photogenic, natural, relaxed best. We bring you great photos at a fair price. We only charge you for our time.

In other words, once the photography session is finished, we edit the photos and burn them to a CD which is then yours to use how you wish*.

Come see us at our Northampton portrait studio! We charge you by time and then provide you with all of the images shot in this time. All images take are edited and burned to disc. From this disc, you can print, share or publish, making the photography very affordable. Prices start from 25 per session, and we guarantee you a minimum of 25 high-resolution

When we visit your school or nursery, we make things so easy. We take natural, photographs of the children, making the session fun and relaxed. We give you the login details for each child, which you then distribute to the parents. Your work is then done. Parents can safely view the images and make their selection, before paying us online. Zero hassle

Your Wedding Day will probably be the best day of your life - a day filled with magic, fun and romance. To make your day truly memorable, your wedding photographs need to be the very best they can be. There may be parts of the ceremony which are formal, elegant, beautiful, even solemn. Inevitably, there will be other moments when the subject's guard

By Donna Brinklow: Truly beautiful pictures, would highly recommend Richard to anyone, he is great with children ad made the photo shoot very relaxed. I now have Some amazing family photos, only problem is having enough room in the house to display them all. By Sam: Forgot how good these photo's were, thank you for your help, quick response and upload

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