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Take a wander through my blog for all the hilarious, tragic and interesting stories from my adventures. I provide some further information and reviews on the locations I have visited. The extra hints and tips I pick up along the way are here to share with you, and I've even got a few reviews of some of the products I use in case it proves of interest for all you other photographers out there!

The drive was on a Sunday, which meant the roads were fairly clear, and it made for a really pleasant drive. This would, in some situations, be awesome news to a photographer, but it was so thick, I couldn't see very far out of Freds windows. This wasn't looking like 'good' fog at all. Explore my gallery pages where I share a range of my works from scenery, still life and animals, to more professional headshots & portraits staged in my studio at home.

My headshot photography is primarily sought for use by supporting artists. I have more information on how to book sittings from my portraits Gallery page.

read more › Head on over to my gallery to see some examples of previous shoots I've held for my clients. Each headshot ranges in style, mood and creativity. Do you have a particular shot in mind? My previous clients can be a great source of inspiration for your next sitting. Our aim is to provide a set of headshots that best reflect how you look today. CD's (Casting Director's) or AD's (assistant directors) have hundreds of headshots that pass over their desks during the casting process. We need to ensure that they can be confident in knowing that the person they select will be exactly who they have picked from those photos.

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