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Lewis Dewi We now pay the cost of any customs charges and VAT for all orders to customers in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, and Spain. You will not be charged anything extra when your order is delivered. John Alinder, son of a farmer, chose not to take over his parents' farm in rural Sweden. Instead he became a photographer.

His portraits are extraordinary - children placed on chairs, people perched in trees, labourers, old ladies and confirmation candidates; often depicted against a background of foliage and sprawling greenery penetrated by sunlight. Redolent with both sadness and hope Things Aren't Always as Mother Reports is an extended series of colour portraits and landscapes through which Paul Cohen interrogates the idea of family.

It is a tense document about the here and now. Unfortunately the book has been delayed following a binding issue. However, you can still pre-order Things Aren't Always as Mother Reports and copies will ship as soon as they are available.

read more › Founded in 1994, its photography list has an international reputation and has included books by leading British and international photographers such as Laia Abril, William Klein, Martin Parr, Simon Norfolk, Fay Godwin, Tom Wood, Sergio Larrain, Frank Horvat, John Blakemore, Paolo Pelegrin, Simon Roberts and Bruce Gilden. The aim of the company is to bring to the attention of a wider public, accessible but challenging contemporary photography by both established and lesser known practitioners. The company has a worldwide distribution network and is recognised as one of the leading photographic publishers in the world.

read more › There will be NO extra charges made on any deliveries to customers in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Spain or Sweden. We will now cover the cost of any customs duties and taxes on your behalf and you will not be charged anything extra when your order is delivered. Deliveries to other EU member countries may still attract charges which you will asked to pay to whoever delivers the parcel to you. This includes a VAT / TVA charge which should be the same amount as you would be charged if you bought the book in your country.

read more › CHARLES FRGER The transformation of man into beast is a central aspect of traditional pagan rituals that. YOU CAN PRE-ORDER NOW RITA LEISTNER with an interview by Don McKellar Rita Leistner planted over half a million trees from 1984-93. She spent the next twenty. Now Available to Ship. Published in August John Alinder, son of a farmer, was born in 1878 in the village of Svasta, Altuna parish, in Uppland, a province in eastern central. Published in September. PADDY SUMMERFIELD ESSAY BY PATRICIA BAKER-CASSIDY A Special limited edition is also available.

read more › KURT TONG The Queen, The Chairman and I is a saga of love, hope, and tragedy: a storybook that both uncovers family secrets and reveals the impact of political and. Selected as one of the 10 best photobooks of 2019 in the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant THEO DERKSEN With an interview with Francine Houben, Mecanoo Architects Disneyfication is a visual photographic investigation. CATHERINE BALET Catherine Balet's new series Moods in a Room plays with virtual reality by mixing pictorial textures and digital photographic elements.

read more › Rare / Out Of Print Book MARTIN PARR Text by Nicholas Barker Produced on behalf of the BBC when I was still running Cornerhouse in Manchester, the book tied in. Rare / Out Of Print Book MARTIN PARR Introduction by Ian McEwan We currently have a very small number of both the hardback and the soft back editions. First Edition - published 2000 MARTIN PARR Introduced by Marvin Heiferman This is an unusual and hilarious book. For the last few years, when Martin Parr has travelled on assignment. Winner European Publishers Award for Photography 2002 NOW OUT OF PRINT SIMON NORFOLK 'Afghanistan is unlike Sarajevo or Kigali or any other war-ravaged landscape I have ever photographed.

read more › GIACOMO BRUNELLI We are delighted that we are now able to offer The Animals' Special Edition just released by Giacomo Brunelli. Presented in a clothbound box handmade in London, it comes. GIACOMO BRUNELLI We are delighted that we are now able to offer the 'Eternal London' Special Edition just released by Giacomo Brunelli. Presented in a clothbound box handmade in London, it. Limited Edition of 50 copies with Gelatin Silver Print A collectors' edition comprising a signed & numbered book with a signed & numbered 10" x 8" gelatin silver print of.

read more › Open submissions have now been postponed. But please remember we get several hundreds of submissions every year and we can publish very, very few of them. Please make sure that you've looked at our web site so you can get a proper sense of what we publish. Photobooks are expensive to produce and the market has got increasingly difficult over recent years. Consequently we've had to become more cautious. We're increasingly finding that we can only successfully publish established international names, projects with major exhibitions or those that come with sufficient funding to underwrite the risk.

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