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If you would rather do it yourself we can supply all the equipment, kirlian cameras, training, advice and support you need. If you would like to use Kirlian photography on your exhibition stand as a unique attraction for your clients' entertainment we can help. Maybe you would like us to come along to your event, party or seminar and take Kirlian photographs of your guests.

Perhaps you would just love a beautiful Kirlian image to hang on your wall or use in your design project. Kirlian photography also known as radiation field photography or Electro-photography, will take you into a world of energies and energy fields that surround everything. Capturing the beautiful patterns and flares of light that these fields produce is what Fullspectrum's Kirlian cameras are designed for.

Many people could find Kirlian photography both an attraction to their clients and an asset in their work.

read more › Fullspectrum has offices in West Sussex and is headed by Nigel Hutchings who has been working with Kirlian electro-photography since 1978. In 2010 Fullspectrum's research and development team built the first large plate digitally enabled Kirlian camera, the JAK2000. This is now being used by individuals, in universities, clinics and design studios around the world. To further the development of Kirlian photography Fullspectrum set up the British Institute of Radiation Field Photography (BIRFP) (Now The British Institute of Kirlian Photography or BIKP) that now runs training courses and research projects throughout the world.

read more › Nigel and Susan Hutchings run Fullspectrum from their base in West Sussex. If you are interested in using some of the amazing equipment they have on offer as an attraction for your event they would be happy to help you stand out from the crowd. This unique and interesting process known as Kirlian Photography can be set up almost anywhere and in many situations. The Fullspectrum Kirlian Electrograph Camera - JAK3000 Fullspectrum's digitally enabled Kirlian Camera. If you would like your Kirlian photograph taken and interpreted come to see us at Fullspectrum in Lindfield, Haywards Heath.

read more › We offer bespoke Kirlian images, comparison shots, before and after shots and experimental shots. A commission for comparison shots of high vitality organic muesli (left images) sold in Waitrose verses a competitor's muesli. Muesli circles photographed raw with Canon 5D Mk1V shown at the bottom. The Muesli circles were then photographed using a JAK3000 Kirlian camera with the same settings for each. A raw vitality bar (left) and Kirlian photograph of the same bar (right) showing how full of energy it is.

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