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Chris Morse Photography What I love most about my job is you. And your partner. For me, weddings are all about people and I think you'll get that when you see my photography. I want you to have the most amazing day of your life, so relax, have fun and do what you want to do! It's your wedding - it's not a photoshoot, it's not a fashion show, it's not a portfolio building exercise or advertising opportunity for me.

It's your wedding! Everything you see on my website is 100% unposed, it's a moment that happened naturally during the course of a real wedding. No forced smiles, no awkward poses, just raw emotion and real memories. For me, that's what being a documentary wedding photographer is all about. Although I live in North Wales (and do photograph a lot of North Wales Weddings) I photograph weddings all over England and Scotland too.

Wherever you're getting married, I'd be happy to attend, and don't worry - travel is always included. My wedding photography is all about you and your day. When you look back at your wedding photos in 5, 10, 15 years time I want you to remember exactly how you felt at that particular moment in time.

A wise man once said, "it's not what someone does, it's why they do it that really matters - and that's what you should judge them on". I get my satisfaction from knowing that I've helped to keep those memories alive. I honestly think that if it wasn't for the bills (and my kids needing shoes) I'd happily shoot weddings for the free food (and thank

If you're the kind of couple who want to have a bloody good day, without worrying if your photographer's going to be bugging you all day - then I could be the photographer for you. It can be quite a leap of faith when choosing a wedding photographer. Naturally, everybody only shows their best work, so how are you meant to know if they're really as good

There are a couple of obvious and a few not so obvoious differences between my Silent Movies & Photofilms. For example, my Silent Movies are black & white and. In contrast, my Photofilms are colour, blend audio subtly recorded on your wedding day with music and take a much more considered and structured approach to re-telling the story of your wedding

The idea behind secret proposal photography is to photograph something special that's often not photographed. Just about everyone has a wedding photographer these days and some even have engagement shoots. But what about capturing the moment they say "yes", as well as the moment they say "I do"? Just like weddings, every proposal story is different

My approach to wedding photography is very much a documentary one. It's about creating photos that have real meaning - not manufacturing memories. I'm all about photographing the natural moments, the genuine emotion and the real smiles. I'll tell your story from the inside out, from a guest's perspective, to create images that are immersive and compelling

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