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Emma Collins Photography I craft carefully observed, honest images showing the humour and beauty of the crazy, colourful, everyday life that you have created, to tell a story that is uniquely and unquestionably yours. Family is my everything. Bring me all the chaos, fast pace, mess and noise. I love the rollercoaster ride of emotions, pride, exhaustion, joy, and all the laughs and tears these bring.

We have days with big celebrations and exciting adventures, but it's mostly made up of small moments and routine days that make our home and our life 100% 'us'. I take photos a lot, because I know that one day we'll move on from this stage and I'll ache to remember every detail. What if you could have a photoshoot that looked in on your family and captured the real 'you'.

A photoshoot that gave you a new perspective of your family, how you love each other, comfort one another, make each other laugh, what your kids get up to when you aren't looking, honest unpredictable moments. That is why I do exactly that. I make artful, award winning natural, documentary family photos that tell the story of family life.

read more › I'm born in Canada, raised in the UK, went to university in France, and now call St Albans home. I'm mad about (and sometimes mad with) my three kids, I have an enormously patient husband who is forever supportive of my latest crackpot schemes, and we have recently added a beautiful, but rather naughty, cocker spaniel to our family. I first discovered my love for photography as a child when I used to stay at my auntie's house, I was allowed to play in her studio making movie reels with discarded sections of film and sometimes I was even invited into her darkroom to discover the alchemy of processing film.

read more › When we have a session together I tell your story through my eyes and this is a story like no other. Emotionally and practically your life has been turned upside down, while you are adjusting to the new norm and high on an intoxicating mix of tiredness and wonder, I will record all the details, so that you can relive every fleeting moment after the haze of becoming new parents has passed. Your first home as a family, curling up in bed together, skin to skin, nestling, feeding, sneezes and yawns, nappies and baths.

read more › When we have a session together I tell your story through my eyes. You may feel like your life isn't interesting, but I promise it is! Your ordinary moments are what make you 'you' and add up to a beautiful, inimitable family story. I will show you how rich and colourful your life is, the highs and lows of your everyday, the way you play, the way you work together, the way you love, the way you are loved, your routines and rituals, your crazy kids, what makes you laugh, what makes you cry. it won't look like any other family because this is YOUR FAMILY.

read more › As a documentary photographer, I'm drawn to photographing the interactions of people in their environment and how in turn these photographs can create compelling stories. I love to breathe life and soul into brand imagery and see how it helps to build a relatable narrative and transform marketing imagery. Whatever your needs, let's have a chat to see how we can work together: campaign stories, behind-the-scenes, environmental portraits, event photography, lifestyle product shots, headshots and more.

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