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It's great to meet you. How brilliant it is that in this huge enormous internetty world, you've found your way to my bit. My name is Ken Fisher. I am a photographer and Adobe Certified Trainer in Photoshop and Lightroom. I am a qualified teacher and teach photography, Photoshop and Lightroom at colleges as well as 1 to 1 private tuition.

My passion is in crafting professional photographs of all types of subject, and enjoy the myriad of challenges that photography provides, from glamour and studio portraiture, lighting a food still life photograph, arranging a group portrait or investigating the ideal viewpoint for a Landscape or Cityscape.I found many years ago that images despite your best intentions sometimes fall short of what you expected.

It was this that set me out on a road of discovery into the world of image editing with Photoshop and Lightroom. I love to watch the American crime dramas. I love to travel and explore new and diverse places and cultures and capture their essence of being, preferably while eating chocolate.

read more › Macro photography, also known as close up photography, is the art of making small things look big, or macro. In technical terms, macro images reproduce the subject at a magnification ratio of at least 1:1, where the image in the camera sensor is the same size or bigger than the real-life thing. Macro photographers tend to shoot small things like insects, flowers, water droplets or even miniature scenes and make them appear large or life size. The cool thing about macro photography is that you can take pretty much anything small and shoot it in a way where it appears literally larger than life.

read more › Texture blending is the process of creatively blending textures and overlays over various parts of the photo so that the texture looks like it belongs with the photo and wasn't just pasted on it. The key is to pick the right subject for the blend, as well as using the right techniques so that the texture adds to the photo and doesn't use it as a crutch or overpower the image. Rhinoceros, any of five or six species of giant horn-bearing herbivores that include some of the largest living land mammals.

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